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Force pike - SW Card Trader

A force pike

Force pikes were a type of staff-like melee weapon[1] with a vibro-edged head. They also had a stun setting, and were capable of causing immense pain at their lowest setting.[2] At the highest setting, the pikes could be used to cut through durasteel.[3] The Red Guard of Galactic Emperor Palpatine wielded such weapons.[4] The droid guards of Senator-in-exile Gall Trayvis were also equipped with these.[5] While on Daxam IV Senator Ransolm Casterfo used a force pike to fight an Amaxine warrior while buying an Imperial helmet to win over Arliz Hadrassian's favor.[3]

A lighter and longer version of the force pike was the vibro-lance, which could act as a spear in addition to being a melee weapon.[2]

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