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"You wouldn't even need to use the power setting, would you? This thing is heavy. Wallop. That'll make their eyes water."

Force pike, also referred to as a stun pole, was the name of several similar weapons that evolved independently between races and civilizations throughout the galaxy.

The tip of the pole was a vibro-edged head with a stun module that could knock a full-grown Wookiee unconscious using a concentrated nerve impulse similar to that featured in the stun setting of a blaster rifle. At lowest setting, the spear would deliver excruciating electrical shocks, higher settings could result in paralysis and death, and at maximum setting, it could slice through everything from flesh and bone to thin durasteel plating. The weapon could be used for self defense, but also as a torture device. The Emperor's Royal Guards used the force pike mainly as a ceremonial weapon, but sometimes for other reasons; torture was one of them.

It should be noted that force pikes were not related to the Force.


"How did I lose my arm? A stormtrooper tapped me on the shoulder with a force pike."
Rebel soldier Char'Shen Larcuna[src]

One of Palpatine's Royal Guard wielding a force pike.

Force pikes were first introduced in the Begali Uprising. Sith assassins used force pikes during the Dark Wars to hunt Jedi across the galaxy. They were also utilized by Atris's Echani handmaidens.

Force pikes were powerful enough to withstand the blow of a lightsaber; the clone trooper X2 owned one during the Clone Wars, and his brother, X1, used it to execute Order 66 on Dantooine. Force pikes were generally used by Senate Guards and Imperial Royal Guards. The meter-long pike was used to keep any person away from important figures.

While most prominently displayed by the Emperor's Royal Guards, who carried the popular SoroSuub Corporation Controller FP model, force pikes were employed by a wide variety of planetary militias and police forces, including Nirama's public asteroid security forces[1]. They were excellent for crowd control. Force pikes were often employed during boarding actions because they allowed attackers to slice through bulkheads and airlocks and could be operated in small hallways.


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