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"My children and I can manipulate the Force like no other."
―The Father, the patriarch of a family of Force wielders[src]

Force wielders, also referred to as Force-wielders,[6] were an enigmatic sentient species[6] of highly Force-sensitive beings with no fixed form.[1] The Force wielders were known for their affinity to the Force and it was believed they were god-like beings.[9] The Force wielders were capable of using the life force around themselves to take on both humanoid and creature forms at-will, including impersonating the form of other individuals, living or dead.[1]

A family of Force wielders, collectively known as the Ones,[6] took sanctuary on the realm-world of Mortis,[1] which some believed was where the Force itself originated from,[6] where they lived as anchorites. The three familial beings—the Father, the Daughter, and the Son—withdrew from the temporal realm when their power threatened to disrupt the galaxy. The Father acted as the balance between the Daughter and Son, who embodied the light and dark sides of the Force, respectively.[1] The siblings were immortal,[6] although only as long as the Father remained alive.[8]

Despite little knowledge remaining of the existence of the powerful Force wielder beings, the Father believed that the Sith sought to exploit his family's power for their own benefit.[1] The Father also believed that if the Son, who had fully given into the dark side during Anakin Skywalker's mission to Mortis,[7] was allowed to leave Mortis, he would bring doom across the galaxy.[8]

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