Forces Under Siege was a multi-painting created some time during the Galactic Civil War. On one side, it contained the pro-Rebel painting Victory of the Rebel Alliance, and on the other, it contained the pro-Imperial painting Triumph of the Galactic Empire.

Behind the scenesEdit

Forces Under Siege was awarded to players following the release of Game Update 15. It was received by players whose accounts were in good standing before February 1 and continued to be in good standing after March 1, as a way to gain both paintings as a bonus. It is the only known painting under the multi-painting category within the game.

The painting has a number of "modes" that can be accessed via the "painting controls" option in the radial menu. These modes are:

  • Rebel Painting - shows the Victory of the Rebel Alliance painting.
  • Imperial Painting - shows the Triumph of the Galactic Empire painting.
  • Cycle Paintings - will automatically switch appearance between the two paintings on a timer.
  • Reflect Planetary Control - will automatically switch the painting to show the winning faction in the Planetary Control Game for the current planet.
  • Reflect Galactic Control - will automatically switch the painting to show the faction that controls the galaxy.


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