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"Everything was great until the scandal hit about Veruna's Foreign Affairs. Suddenly things got tense around the house. Dad blamed Amidala. You couldn't even mention her name without him exploding into a rage."
―Ian Lago, recalling the scandal[src]

Around 33 BBY, a corruption scandal related to King Ars Veruna's conduct or handling of the Foreign Affairs of the planet Naboo was made public. Veruna's Prime Counselor Kun Lago was also believed to be involved in the scandal, while the young politician Padmé Amidala was seen as responsible for bringing public attention to the issue. King Veruna abdicated the throne shortly after the incident.




"Where have you been, Ian? Are you so wrapped up in yourself you don't know what's going on here? We are this close to losing everything! Our home, our reputation... Everything!"
―Kun Lago to his son, Ian[src]

Sometime around 33 BBY,[2] a corruption scheme linked to King Ars Veruna's administration of the foreign policy[3] of the Mid Rim planet[4] Naboo was revealed to the Nabooan electorate. Kun Lago, Prime Counselor to the monarch, blamed Princess of Theed Padmé Amidala for the eruption of the crisis, which had a greatly negative impact on the popularity of the king. Lago's son Ian, in turn, believed that his father was also involved in the scandal.[1] Since corruption in Naboo elected leaders was virtually unheard of, the king's double agenda was successful and unknown by the populace at first.[3] Veruna's disastrous foray into offworld politics was initially encouraged by Senator Palpatine.[5]

In the wake of the disclosure of Ars Veruna's involvement in the scandal, a crisis erupted[1] and the king soon abdicated the throne,[6] ending his thirteen year rule.[7] The popular Amidala, whose bid for the throne had initially been suggested to her parents, and subsequently discreetly backed by Palpatine,[8] was quickly elected and crowned his successor as Monarch of Naboo.[1]


"Stop passing the blame! You screwed up and you got caught! Now you're goin' down and you want to blame it on the only truly good person I've ever known!"
―Ian Lago arguing with his father[src]

While Kun Lago was dismissed of his post and his son Ian left the planet,[1] Veruna chose to flee Theed,[8] the planetary seat of government.[9] The former king sought refuge in the castle of the Earl of Vis, located in the remote Western Reaches of the planet, where soon afterwards he would be murdered by Sith Lord Darth Plagueis.[8]

Behind the scenesEdit

Kun Lago running about

Kun Lago (in purple) during the crisis

The Foreign Affairs scandal was introduced in the fifth issue of Star Wars Tales, in the short comic "A Summer's Dream". The comic was written by Terry Moore and published on September 27, 2000 by Dark Horse Comics. In the story, the scandal is shown as an important reason why Kun Lago resents Padmé Amidala so strongly, and tries to oppose his son's relationship with the princess. The story hints that Amidala was behind the publicizing of the scandal, that Kun Lago was involved in it, and that the king's abdication was significantly influenced by this event.[1]

Although stories from issues 1 to 20 of Star Wars Tales are usually considered to be ambiguously canon,[10] the events described in A Summer's Dream were included in other canonical works, fitting the story into the overall Star Wars continuity. The foreign policy scandal was cited in the 2002 book The New Essential Guide to Characters and vaguely mentioned in a few other reference books such as the Star Wars: Episode I The Visual Dictionary,[5] Secrets of Naboo,[3] and The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.[7]



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