A forensics droid was a droid used in criminal investigations to gather and catalog evidence. They came in various sizes, with some similar in size to that of a thermal detonator. Some forensics droids were equipped with repulsorlifts, so as to not trample and thus damage evidence. These droids usually had a various assortment of tools including, probes, spectrometers, reagents, sample packs, as well as a full array of sensors which were used to record everything at the crime scene.[1] Everything that a suspect could have come into contact with would be scanned and recorded down to the molecular level. The droid picked up all trace evidence it found, including fingerprints, hair, skin cells, and other bodily sources as well as uncommon forms of evidence like any remnants of exhaled gases and thermal traces.[2]

Police Prefect Pol Haus employed forensics droids at the scene of the murder of Caamasi light sculptor Ves Volette. Ben Skywalker and Lon Shevu also used a forensics droid to inspect Darth Caedus's StealthX. The droid found a hair with blood that had a positive match to Mara Jade Skywalker's. Ben used this evidence and others he had found, to prove to Luke, Han, Leia, and Jaina, that Caedus killed Mara, not Lumiya.[3]

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