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A forensics droid was a droid used in criminal investigations to gather and catalog evidence. They came in various sizes, with some similar in size to that of a thermal detonator. Some forensics droids were equipped with repulsorlifts, so as to not trample and thus damage evidence. These droids usually had a various assortment of tools including, probes, spectrometers, reagents, sample packs, as well as a full array of sensors which were used to record everything at the crime scene.[1]

Police Prefect Pol Haus employed forensics droids at the scene of the murder of Caamasi light sculptor Ves Volette. Ben Skywalker and Lon Shevu also used a forensics droid to inspect Darth Caedus's StealthX. The droid found a hair with blood that had a positive match to Mara Jade Skywalker's. Ben used this evidence and others he had found, to prove to Luke, Han, Leia, and Jaina, that Caedus killed Mara, not Lumiya.[2]

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