Formos Spaceport was a space port on the planet Formos.


Prisonbreak on formos

Chewbacca escapes a Imperial prison barge by a nearby crane, with his rival, Hronk, in tow.

The spaceport was used by smugglers to take on board spice shipments from nearby Kessel as well as Imperial troops to round up criminals and transport them to the spice mines on Kessel. The spaceport had enough landing space for Imperial prison barges like Colonel Quirt's and the loading docks were equipped with large cranes.

When Han Solo and Chewbacca visited the world on a smuggling run, they landed in the spaceport and were caught up in several incidents that nearly cost them their freedom. In the end, the pair escaped Imperial pursuit, but had to drop their cargo of spice in the process. The spaceport had Zord's Atmosphere Baths as one of its few attractions.