Fort Salvo, also known as the Republic waystation, was a major Republic Military installation in the Eastern Ice Shelf of the planet Ilum.[1]


Built atop an ice mesa, the upper level of the fort consisted of artillery weaponry and power generators that were manned by Republic soldiers. A research facility was built into the base of the mesa, accessible from the floor of the canyon to the north of the fort, and a small Republic outpost was carved into the mesa's south side, serving as a waystation along the Road to Glory.[1]


During the Battle of Ilum against the Sith Empire, the personnel stationed in the Republic waystation included General Orias, Major Dumerin, and Captain Sarmuk.[1]

Fort Salvo was targeted by Imperial forces as part of Darth Malgus and Grand Moff Regus's Operation Dark Ice. In the first stages, Delta Squad failled to disable the ray shield protecting the base. The shield generators were later destroyed by the Empire's Wrath, Darth Nox, Cipher Nine, and the Hunter. The group eventually entered the base to destroy Fort Salvo's artillery emplacements and the ELX-25 prototype long-range cannon.[2]



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