Date createdTopicLast author
May 10, 2017NB:"3RR in Revan's lightsaber"EcksBot
May 8, 2017NB:/d Discussions requires 'category' changesEcksBot
May 2, 2017NB:Possible sockpuppetsEcksBot
April 17, 2017NB:VisualEditor derpageEcksBot
April 13, 2017NB:User with NPOV, sourcing issues, and a history of edit warsAJTD6
April 8, 2017NB:Possible sockpuppetAJTD6
March 6, 2017NB:Notice of pending shutdown of AJTD6EcksBot
March 5, 2017NB:Debate on HK-47AJTD6
March 5, 2017NB:Use of unconfirmed canonical sourcesImperators II
January 13, 2017NB:Incorrect informationAJTD6
January 5, 2017NB:Broken linksAJTD6
December 25, 2016NB:Editing Anoat sector population to 1 trillionBrandon Rhea
December 25, 2016NB:Lomrokk artist creditAJTD6
December 19, 2016NB:Links on the main pageXd1358
November 26, 2016NB:Discussion User that needs a permanent banAJTD6
November 25, 2016NB:outdated FAQ/canonAJTD6
November 11, 2016NB:move requestAJTD6
November 7, 2016NB:obsolete link on monobook edit pageAJTD6
September 14, 2016NB:'Categories' for the Discussion ForumsAJTD6
September 10, 2016NB:EcksBot bot flagAJTD6
August 19, 2016NB:citing Legends sourcesAJTD6
July 30, 2016NB:in a snitAJTD6
June 4, 2016NB:Eras LegoAJTD6
May 30, 2016NB:results of Canon/Legends vote 2AJTD6
May 25, 2016NB:Star Wars: TIE Fighter and X-wing VS TIE Fighter disputeAJTD6
May 11, 2016NB:Problem users that require Monitoring and/or blocking/banningAJTD6
May 2, 2016NB:Locked discussion threadXd1358
April 24, 2016NB:Image UploadingAJTD6
April 19, 2016NB:hate group advocatorAJTD6
April 10, 2016NB:Why is part of the user creation log appearing in my watchlist?AJTD6
April 8, 2016NB:Search EngineAJTD6
April 6, 2016NB:trollXd1358
April 2, 2016NB:Image for Republic CityAJTD6
January 13, 2016NB:Extension Hook?AJTD6
January 2, 2016NB:Fixing Z6 Riot BatonAJTD6
December 27, 2015NB:'Fresh' languageAJTD6
December 17, 2015NB:Missing ContentAJTD6
November 28, 2015NB:Fix QotDAJTD6
September 28, 2015NB:Resignation of MJAJTD6
August 29, 2015NB:page move requestAJTD6

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