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Allright, so I have this doubt.

The "Astromech droid" article describes mainly, the type of droids of the R-series: "An astromech droid's primary purpose on smaller ships such as starfighters was as a backup or replacement for a nav computer" and "They also provided in-flight maintenance and repair, and performed a number of routine functions so the pilot could focus on flying the ship" are mainly describing the R-series of droids. But on the "List of astromech droid series" part, it also lists the "3C-series astromech droid", "IT-series astromech droid", "T1-series astromech droid" and T3-series astromech droid as Astromechs.

This droids all came from the KOTOR games, but in this game they were never reffered as "Astromech" but rather, the term "Utility droid" was often used. In fact, clikcing on the links inside the "Astromech droid" article for the T1-series and the T3-series will redirect you to their more proper names: "T3-series utility droid" and "T1-series utility droid".

Both these droids are again identified as "Utility droids" on their articles, and also on their Infoboxes (The stand alone character 3C-FD also bears this destinction).

The categories are a mess as well. The T1 is listed under the "Utility droids" category. 3C-FD is under the "Astromech droids" category, and the T-3 are on both, while T3-M4 is only under "Utility droids".

There is also the article Utility droid wich says: "T3-series astromech droids and similar models were commonly referred to as utility droids".

So... after all this exposition, I just want to ask this question.

Are the T3-M4 look-a-like droids of the Kotor games, evere mentioned in an official source as "Astromech droids"? If that is not so, then all of these articles need to be claned up in order to put the droids were they belong.... right? Carlitos Moff 00:19, 25 October 2007 (UTC)

  • Allright... since it's been a week and no body has answered I will take the situation into my own hands and apply whatever designations I see fit. Carlitos Moff 19:40, 2 November 2007 (UTC)
    • I don't have a canonical answer for your question, but I think you're correct in regarding utility droids as distinct from astromechs. jSarek 23:04, 2 November 2007 (UTC)
      • I checked on "The Official Site", a canon source, and they have T3-M4 listed as a type of astromech, but the Astromech article is quoted as saying that astromech droids 'are a series of versatile utility droids generally used for the maintenance and repair of starships and related technology.' In the latter case, though, the term 'utility' is not capitalized, so it is not a title.Tocneppil 09:57, 15 November 2007 (UTC)

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