Hi everyone,

I've been doing some work for a while now on Borsk and have faithfully translated his role/actions in the early X-wing novels (RS, WG, TKT), HTTE, DFR and a little of the X-wing Alliance info into the Wookieepedia article, in the hope that he will one day become FA. However I've loaned out my TLC copy and wish to work through things chronologically, so there's a brief hiatus.

All I was asking that when your project eventually moves onto to Fey'lya, and if it does so before I'm able to begin finishing the article, please could you not overwrite all of my hard work? I know everyone likes structuring FAs etc in different ways, but I definitely have been conclusive with my info on the sources I've mentioned, though the pre-Endor stuffs is pretty confusing.

So when the edit starts, could someone message me etc and we can discuss?

Thanks, and keep up your great work.

Harrar 11:46, 18 December 2007 (UTC)

  • I saw that Chack put Fey'lya forward as a possible next FA. Just to say, last week I had a look over what I'd written back in December and realised that the intro is majorly inaccurate (he doesn't span the history of the New Republic and he is not its final Chief of State), so I feel pretty ashamed, and the X-wing info isn't as comprehensive as I like my articles to be now. Plus I have exams coming up, so basically feel free to ignore any of my work and start afresh without messaging me. However, I'd be happy to write all his NJO info once I start my NJO blitz in late May. Harrar 22:49, 31 March 2008 (UTC)