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January 26, 2018CT Archive/Emergency Amendment to Modify the Terms of the Consensus to Label Social Media Posts as Non-CanonImperators II
January 16, 2018CT Archive/Social media posts as canon sourcesImperators II
January 11, 2018CT Archive/In-universe information from future productsImperators II
December 22, 2017CT Archive/Moviespoiler modificationToprawa and Ralltiir
December 19, 2017CT Archive/Official Wookieepedia IRC channel for spoiler discussionImperators II
December 1, 2017CT Archive/Changing Comic Media TablesImperators II
October 12, 2017CT Archive/Granting User:ChristopherLeeGallant limited blocking authorityToprawa and Ralltiir
October 11, 2017CT Archive/Capitalization of page names pertaining to titles/ranks/assignmentsImperators II
September 17, 2017CT Archive/Fremakers are not the only part of LEGOImperators II
September 16, 2017CT Archive/Repealing the Lego Page CreationToprawa and Ralltiir
September 8, 2017CT Archive/Comic book, Part IIImperators II
August 17, 2017CT Archive/Naming policy: US vs. UK editionsImperators II
June 1, 2017CT Archive/Remove Abel G. Peña as Official FriendImperators II
May 17, 2017CT Archive/Switching to ASW4/BSW4 and a clear conversion systemXd1358
April 25, 2017CT Archive/Wookieepedia:Sourcing - Permanent archival linksImperators II
March 18, 2017CT Archive/Naming policy amendments: BooksAL-BRT
March 2, 2017CT Archive/Galactic LGBT communityToprawa and Ralltiir
January 31, 2017CT Archive/Essential Atlas placements still valid until proven otherwiseExiledjedi
October 13, 2016CT Archive/Star Wars: Imperial AssaultXd1358
October 4, 2016CT Archive/Sorting out Canon from LegendsToprawa and Ralltiir
August 19, 2016CT Archive/Infobox image size for mobile skinXd1358
August 14, 2016CT Archive/Enabling the Discussions footerToprawa and Ralltiir
August 12, 2016CT Archive/French Interwiki Links, Revisited01miki10
June 22, 2016CT Archive/Creation of a LEGO Icon and Tab for The Freemaker AdventuresIfindyourlackoffaithdisturbing
May 3, 2016CT Archive/Content Moderator: Brandon RheaCavalier One
April 21, 2016CT Archive/Main Page Redesign, Phase IGreen tentacle
February 1, 2016CT Archive/Amendment to point 7 of the Talk page policyXd1358
December 31, 2015CT Archive/Legends links on real-world articlesXd1358
December 15, 2015CT Archive/The Future of the Main Page QueueXd1358
December 14, 2015CT Archive/Expired social media citationsXd1358
November 28, 2015CT Archive/Canon/Legends Default SwitchXd1358
October 14, 2015CT Archive/Call signsAL-BRT
September 15, 2015CT Archive/Notability policy: Atlas planetsToprawa and Ralltiir
August 23, 2015CT Archive/Naming policy amendment, definite/indefinite articlesAL-BRT
August 17, 2015CT Archive/Amending the notability policy for future and canceled productsToprawa and Ralltiir
June 26, 2015CT Archive/Card game citationsRoboCade
June 22, 2015CT Archive/Changing Finnish Jedipedia interwiki linksExiledjedi
June 19, 2015CT Archive/The End of Daily GAsGrunny
May 25, 2015CT Archive/Canon HumanCade Calrayn
May 15, 2015CT Archive/The Force Awakens spoiler templateAL-BRT
April 8, 2015CT Archive/Wookieepedia's Coverage of Celebration ProgrammingCade Calrayn
March 8, 2015CT Archive/Star Wars BlogSupreme Emperor
February 23, 2015CT Archive/Empty infoboxesCade Calrayn
February 12, 2015CT Archive/Return of the ListsKillerRoboLeia3000
January 15, 2015CT Archive/Proposed amendment to the canon notability policyImperators II
January 15, 2015CT Archive/Proposed amendment to the naming policyKillerRoboLeia3000
January 7, 2015CT Archive/Proposed amendment to the consensus policyExiledjedi
December 24, 2014CT Archive/Canon/Legends image categorizationToprawa and Ralltiir
December 22, 2014CT Archive/Alternate capitalization redirectsKillerRoboLeia3000
December 17, 2014CT Archive/GAN redlink countToprawa and Ralltiir
December 11, 2014CT Archive/Modernizing Notability of fan projectsExiledjedi
December 5, 2014CT Archive/Contests and giveawaysExiledjedi
October 28, 2014CT Archive/Amendments to deletion processToprawa and Ralltiir
October 21, 2014CT Archive/Naming policy amendments, Part 2AL-BRT
October 14, 2014CT Archive/Fan topicsToprawa and Ralltiir
October 13, 2014CT Archive/Language namingKillerRoboLeia3000
October 6, 2014CT Archive/Naming policy amendmentsKillerRoboLeia3000
July 31, 2014CT Archive/BTS-exclusive sources in Canon articlesToprawa and Ralltiir
July 30, 2014CT Archive/Modernizing Layout Guide Sources sectionExiledjedi
July 12, 2014CT Archive//Canon and Legends tabs for Star Wars MoviesToprawa and Ralltiir
July 9, 2014CT Archive/Celebration III audioExiledjedi
July 5, 2014CT Archive/Eras and DisplaytitleToprawa and Ralltiir
July 3, 2014CT Archive/New DatabankKillerRoboLeia3000
June 20, 2014CT Archive/Standardizing the use of "Credits" in infoboxes, part 2Toprawa and Ralltiir
June 11, 2014CT Archive/Smoking PSA video uploadJangFett
June 10, 2014CT Archive/Standardizing the use of "Credits" in infoboxesKillerRoboLeia3000
May 28, 2014CT Archive/MOS and LG updatesKillerRoboLeia3000
May 28, 2014CT Archive/Naming policy and titlesKillerRoboLeia3000
May 22, 2014CT Archive/Non-canon Legends contentEcksBot
May 19, 2014CT Archive/Status articles: Canon and LegendsKillerRoboLeia3000
May 18, 2014CT Archive/Template OverhaulToprawa and Ralltiir
May 16, 2014CT Archive/Clarifications to WP:NOTCENSOREDJangFett
May 3, 2014CT Archive/Tab systemNoahR9
April 30, 2014CT Archive/Legends and Canon coverageToprawa and Ralltiir
April 28, 2014CT Archive/New canon policyToprawa and Ralltiir
April 15, 2014CT Archive/Naming policy: NovelsAL-BRT
March 8, 2014CT Archive/Spoilers and new moviesJangFett
February 27, 2014CT Archive/LEGOs, reduxToprawa and Ralltiir
February 21, 2014CT Archive/Modification to WP:USER regarding inactive userJangFett
February 15, 2014CT Archive/LEGOsToprawa and Ralltiir
February 14, 2014CT Archive/TIE designation consistencyEcksBot
February 13, 2014CT Archive/Episodes and the Media sectionToprawa and Ralltiir
February 12, 2014CT Archive/Further readingToprawa and Ralltiir
February 6, 2014CT Archive/List of fan sites and policyAJTD6
January 28, 2014CT Archive/OOU LG amendmentToprawa and Ralltiir
January 6, 2014CT Archive/Species by planetKillerRoboLeia3000
December 30, 2013CT Archive/TCG and RPG article titlesKillerRoboLeia3000
December 17, 2013CT Archive/Prohibiting categories in signaturesJangFett
November 8, 2013CT Archive/"First pictured" usageCC7567
November 5, 2013CT Archive/Commas in year articlesEcksBot
October 10, 2013CT Archive/Lists in articlesLelalMekha
September 29, 2013CT Archive/categories are currently innefficientMaster Jonathan
September 1, 2013CT Archive/EduCorps rules and responsibilitiesMaster Jonathan
August 26, 2013CT Archive/Remove "Notability requirements" section from Deletion PolicyRoboCade
August 24, 2013CT Archive/Infobox thresholdRoboCade
August 23, 2013CT Archive/Instagram accountKillerRoboLeia3000
August 17, 2013CT Archive/Notability Policy: English WordsEcksBot
August 17, 2013CT Archive/Notability Policy: In-Universe SubjectsKillerRoboLeia3000
July 30, 2013CT Archive/Talk page policy, second attemptMaster Jonathan
July 23, 2013CT Archive/Layout guide for weapons, armor, & similar equipmentExiledjedi
July 22, 2013CT Archive/How should we treat characters from "The Star Wars"?RoboCade
July 21, 2013CT Archive/Number sign in comic issue titlesXd1358
July 15, 2013CT Archive/Should there be an overhaul of templates?Exiledjedi
July 7, 2013CT Archive/Talk page policyMaster Jonathan
July 3, 2013CT Archive/Template navigation contentGethralkin
June 28, 2013CT Archive/Single-issue voters amendmentJangFett
June 23, 2013CT Archive/Species and categoriesJSarek
June 4, 2013CT Archive/Manual of Style:Out of Universe tenseToprawa and Ralltiir
May 30, 2013CT Archive/Naming policy: minor change to definite/indefinite article usageAL-BRT
April 11, 2013CT Archive/Proposed Policy:Walt Disney and WookieepediaMaster Jonathan
April 9, 2013CT Archive/Move Sith Emperor to Emperor VitiateKillerRoboLeia3000
March 4, 2013CT Archive/Amend MOS for BTS quotationsEcksBot
February 27, 2013CT Archive/Images in scroll boxesRoboCade
February 26, 2013CT Archive/Increase CAN votes requiredToprawa and Ralltiir
February 25, 2013CT Archive/OOU Layout Guide: Published narrative worksRoboCade
February 19, 2013CT Archive/Naming policy - Real World PeopleRoboCade
February 19, 2013CT Archive/Minor GAN word count rule updateXd1358
February 10, 2013CT Archive/Minor point on closing TC threadsXd1358
February 7, 2013CT Archive/Utilizing Atlas grid coordinatesSupreme Emperor
February 3, 2013CT Archive/Sources and social mediaKillerRoboLeia3000
January 30, 2013CT Archive/Revising nomenclature of battle articlesEcksBot
January 27, 2013CT Archive/Updating the referencing policyCal Jedi
January 27, 2013CT Archive/Creating a CA nomination limitToprawa and Ralltiir
January 27, 2013CT Archive/Removing the under 3000 word GA ruleKillerRoboLeia3000
January 12, 2013CT Archive/Wookieepedia and the Licensed Insider Video Proposal: Time to Vote!Master Jonathan
January 11, 2013CT Archive/Implementing a new template for articles with unknown development statusGrunny
January 11, 2013CT Archive/Infobox references and the sourcing policyGrunny
November 15, 2012CT Archive/Musical theme LGToprawa and Ralltiir
October 2, 2012CT Archive/Species and subspeciesEcksBot
September 13, 2012CT:Get Tendrando Arms on the Main Page!Xd1358
September 8, 2012CT Archive/Official Site Links (LucasArts games)Toprawa and Ralltiir
August 18, 2012CT Archive:Hyperspace Image PolicyCade Calrayn
July 27, 2012CT Archive:Reduxing Featured articlesKillerRoboLeia3000
July 11, 2012CT Archive/Casus BelliRoboCade
June 26, 2012CT Archive/Subcategorization and MW 1.19Toprawa and Ralltiir
June 15, 2012CT Archive/Return of the EwokRoboCade
June 4, 2012CT Archive/Fan film relocationXd1358
June 3, 2012CT Archive/change colors on Timeline of BooksXd1358
May 22, 2012CT Archive/Only autoconfirmed can create articlesToprawa and Ralltiir
April 26, 2012CT Archive/BTS in OOU articlesXd1358
April 20, 2012CT Archive/Search icon duplicatesKillerRoboLeia3000
March 27, 2012CT Archive/Showcasing Good articles: Final round!!Supreme Emperor
March 20, 2012CT:Random Comprehensive articleXd1358
March 14, 2012CT Archive/Showcasing Good articles: Part IISupreme Emperor
March 8, 2012CT Archive/Did you know...Toprawa and Ralltiir
March 7, 2012CT Archive/Showcasing Good articles: Part ISupreme Emperor
March 4, 2012CT Archive/Can we please add triva?Toprawa and Ralltiir
February 24, 2012CT Archive/Protection policy update and rewriteToprawa and Ralltiir
February 21, 2012CT:Links to German versionXd1358
January 12, 2012CT Archive/Can we PLEASE pick ONE name for the TOR Sith Empire?AL-BRT
January 5, 2012CT Archive/Layout Guide change for categoriesKillerRoboLeia3000
January 5, 2012CT:TOR and video game canonCade Calrayn
January 1, 2012CT Archive/Banning requests to help with other wikisXd1358
December 23, 2011CT Archive/Naming policy changeCade Calrayn
December 19, 2011CT Archive/Out-of-Universe Layout Guide additionToprawa and Ralltiir
December 14, 2011CT Archive/Databank position on Sources listsRoboCade
December 12, 2011CT Archive/Music Theme Layout GuideJSarek
November 27, 2011CT Archive/Minor change to the naming policyJSarek
November 26, 2011CT Archive/Main Page pollXd1358
November 13, 2011CT Archive/Routine tweak to naming policyXd1358
November 12, 2011CT Archive/Re-featuring restored Featured Articles take 2: No gap!Supreme Emperor
November 4, 2011CT Archive/Re-featuring restored Featured ArticlesXd1358
October 19, 2011CT Archive/Merging articlesEcksBot
October 6, 2011CT Archive/In-universe fate is unknownEcksBot
September 14, 2011CT Archive/Citing the new Star Wars siteKillerRoboLeia3000
September 6, 2011CT Archive/Skin color for user boxes.Master Jonathan
August 26, 2011CT Archive/Behind the scenes sectionsKillerRoboLeia3000
August 3, 2011CT Archive/"Owners" field of the Weapon infoboxKillerRoboLeia3000
August 2, 2011CT Archive/Minor LG amendment for interlanguage updateTrak Nar
July 23, 2011CT Archive/Making IRC more user-friendlyJSarek
July 22, 2011CT Archive/Chat featureCavalier One
July 12, 2011CT Archive/Trade route template overhaulEcksBot
June 29, 2011CT Archive/Image vote for BreastExiledjedi
June 29, 2011CT Archive/Foreign language link issuesC-3P0
June 26, 2011CT Archive/Force-sensitive character infoboxAL-BRT
May 31, 2011CT Archive/Spoilers on QOTDGrunny
April 26, 2011CT Archive/Quotes 2Grunny
April 14, 2011CT Archive/EC nominationsGrunny
March 21, 2011CT Archive/Han Solo's AliasesRoboCade
March 6, 2011CT Archive/Reusing FAs on the main pageKillerRoboLeia3000
February 10, 2011CT Archive/Finnish interwiki-linksGraestan
January 24, 2011CT Archive/Individual track articlesToprawa and Ralltiir
December 30, 2010CT Archive/French Interwiki LinksCavalier One
December 12, 2010CT Archive/Clarifying use of quote templatesRoboCade
December 7, 2010CT Archive/GA rule on templatesDarth Culator
December 3, 2010CT Archive/Out-of-universe Layout GuideRoboCade
December 3, 2010CT Archive/Force power addition to Layout GuideKillerRoboLeia3000
November 28, 2010CT Archive/Change "gender" to "sex" in all character infoboxesAL-BRT
November 24, 2010CT Archive/Technical tweak to naming policyImperators II
November 9, 2010CT Archive/Official Wookieepedia Skin: MonobookToprawa and Ralltiir
October 21, 2010CT Archive/Search suggestions on MonobookDarth Culator
October 16, 2010CT Archive/Minor MOS adjustmentKillerRoboLeia3000
October 4, 2010CT Archive/Minor addition to WP:NOTKillerRoboLeia3000
October 2, 2010CT Archive/Linking in articlesKillerRoboLeia3000
September 24, 2010CT Archive/grant CheckUser for GrunnyKillerRoboLeia3000
September 23, 2010CT Archive/LG quote amendmentKillerRoboLeia3000
August 29, 2010CT Archive/New addition to Wookieepedia:Naming policy (it's about droids!)KillerRoboLeia3000
August 17, 2010CT Archive/Adjusting the Featured article image on the Main PageKillerRoboLeia3000
August 3, 2010CT Archive/MOS amendment: Units of measurementKillerRoboLeia3000
August 2, 2010CT Archive/Overdue update to sourcing policyKillerRoboLeia3000
July 20, 2010CT Archive/Minor edit to main pageKillerRoboLeia3000
July 18, 2010CT Archive/Main Page FA tweakKillerRoboLeia3000
July 1, 2010CT Archive/Comprehensive articlesEcksBot
June 19, 2010CT Archive/Amendment to WP:NFPToprawa and Ralltiir
June 16, 2010CT Archive/Minor amendment to WP:CANONKillerRoboLeia3000
June 16, 2010CT Archive/Linking our Facebook page in main pageGrunny
May 31, 2010CT Archive/Adding a spacelane field to the planet infoboxDr. Ball, M.D.
May 31, 2010CT Archive/Essential Guide title tweaksAL-BRT
May 31, 2010CT Archive/Modifying quote templatesDr. Ball, M.D.
May 29, 2010CT Archive/Admin age exceptionAL-BRT
May 24, 2010CT Archive/Minor amendment to the "Planet Article" section of WP:LGDr. Ball, M.D.
May 23, 2010CT Archive/Canon policyKillerRoboLeia3000
May 23, 2010CT Archive/Minor amendment to WP:LGGrunny
May 19, 2010CT Archive/Procedural proposalDr. Ball, M.D.
May 16, 2010CT Archive/FAN/GAN subpage proposalDr. Ball, M.D.
May 16, 2010CT Archive/Modernizing the Official Friends of Wookieepedia nomination processKillerRoboLeia3000
May 14, 2010CT Archive/Linking to colorsImperators II
May 11, 2010CT Archive/Preparing for TORDr. Ball, M.D.
May 9, 2010CT Archive/Allowing user votes to count on the FAN pageKillerRoboLeia3000
May 8, 2010CT Archive/Individual LightsabersEcksBot
May 1, 2010CT Archive/Era on Character Profile BoxEcksBot
April 22, 2010CT Archive/Featured article nomination limitKillerRoboLeia3000
April 21, 2010CT Archive/Comic consistencyAL-BRT
April 17, 2010CT Archive/Inuse abuseKillerRoboLeia3000
April 12, 2010CT Archive/Colon usage in Dark Horse comic titlesSupreme Emperor
April 4, 2010CT Archive/Tweaking the FAN/GAN pagesKillerRoboLeia3000
March 21, 2010CT Archive/Adopt a converstion template for heights on charactersKillerRoboLeia3000
March 6, 2010CT Archive/Clone Wars Era?KillerRoboLeia3000
February 20, 2010CT Archive/TOR Fansite agreementKillerRoboLeia3000
January 14, 2010CT Archive/Official languagesRoboCade
December 24, 2009CT Archive/Articles about Insider articlesKillerRoboLeia3000
December 2, 2009CT Archive/Multiple character names in infobox for characters with both a normal name and a "Darth" nameKillerRoboLeia3000
December 2, 2009CT Archive/Sourcing amendmentRoboCade
November 7, 2009CT Archive/Rename Anakin Skywalker article "Darth Vader"KillerRoboLeia3000
November 1, 2009CT Archive/"Star Wars" in article titlesRoboCade
November 1, 2009CT Archive/Appearances template updateKillerRoboLeia3000
October 6, 2009CT Archive/Naming policyKillerRoboLeia3000
September 26, 2009CT Archive/BBY/ABY vs. GrSKillerRoboLeia3000
September 24, 2009CT Archive/Revised notability policyRoboCade
September 20, 2009CT Archive/Nat Skywalker vs. "Bantha" RawkGrunny
September 19, 2009CT Archive/Atlas and systemsAL-BRT
September 11, 2009CT Archive/Succession boxes vs. TemplatesRoboCade
September 6, 2009CT Archive/Battles and events addition to Layout GuideKillerRoboLeia3000
August 28, 2009CT Archive/Saga Edition sourcebook coversRoboCade
August 25, 2009CT Archive/Proposal for approaching KotOR articlesKillerRoboLeia3000
August 24, 2009CT Archive/French interwiki links and what to do with themKillerRoboLeia3000
August 14, 2009CT Archive/No more flow-walking!KillerRoboLeia3000
July 24, 2009CT Archive/Subcategorization consistencyKillerRoboLeia3000
July 21, 2009CT Archive/Proposal for a slight change to GA requirementsKillerRoboLeia3000
July 10, 2009CT Archive/Rounded corners are so 2005KillerRoboLeia3000
July 9, 2009CT Archive/Addition to userpage policyKillerRoboLeia3000
July 7, 2009CT Archive/Appearances revamp projectToprawa and Ralltiir
June 25, 2009CT Archive/Usage of the youmay templateToprawa and Ralltiir
June 21, 2009CT Archive/Appearances listsImperialles
June 21, 2009CT Archive/GA word limitKillerRoboLeia3000
June 6, 2009CT Archive/Force powers capitalizationEcksBot
June 2, 2009CT Archive/WOTMAtarumaster88
May 27, 2009CT Archive/Using author blogs and comments as sourcesKillerRoboLeia3000
May 22, 2009CT Archive/CC-BY-SA re-licensing or dual-licensing?Imperialles
May 18, 2009CT Archive/How to name publication edition, reduxToprawa and Ralltiir
May 18, 2009CT Archive/How to name publication editionsAL-BRT
May 17, 2009CT Archive/Duels (second discussion)RoboCade
May 16, 2009CT Archive/How to name conjectural ship articlesKillerRoboLeia3000
May 8, 2009CT Archive/Let's get rid of the FA quote requirementFarlstendoiro
April 28, 2009CT Archive/Using Template:1st with two simultaneous first appearancesRoboCade
April 26, 2009CT Archive/Articles on soldier typesAL-BRT
April 9, 2009CT Archive/Appearances in The Clone Wars seriesKillerRoboLeia3000
April 8, 2009CT Archive/Game Mechanics SectionQ9-X2
March 23, 2009CT Archive/Blog feed on Main PageKillerRoboLeia3000
March 13, 2009CT Archive/Galactic Republic Character InfoboxRoboCade
March 1, 2009CT Archive/Characters to Individuals (Again?)Xwing328
February 25, 2009CT Archive/Articles about VHS and DVD releasesCade Calrayn
February 20, 2009CT Archive/Articles for individual songs on soundtracksEcksBot
February 18, 2009CT Archive/Ship article layoutKillerRoboLeia3000
February 15, 2009CT Archive/List of articles without appearances listsAL-BRT
February 12, 2009CT Archive/We have a blog here, don't we?Q9-X2
February 10, 2009CT Archive/Italicizing article and short story titlesRoboCade
February 9, 2009CT Archive/Image quality requirements for Featured and Good ArticlesExiledjedi
January 29, 2009CT Archive/Adding FAQ to main navigationQ9-X2
January 26, 2009CT Archive/Cleaning up the Official FriendsQ9-X2
January 22, 2009CT Archive/Battle and War MoS-ing, reduxQ9-X2
January 20, 2009CT Archive/Good Article restorationQ9-X2
January 16, 2009CT Archive/Amending the Manual of Style to counter a problem with reference tag sourcingKillerRoboLeia3000
January 12, 2009CT Archive/Length of ArticlesKillerRoboLeia3000
January 10, 2009CT Archive/When to use the Twoconflicting sources templateQ9-X2
January 2, 2009CT Archive/Links to other wikisKillerRoboLeia3000
December 24, 2008CT Archive/Punctuation in image captionsQ9-X2
December 10, 2008CT Archive/GAN rule amendmentsQ9-X2
December 9, 2008CT Archive/Author's real namesQ9-X2
December 3, 2008CT Archive/Era tags 2Q9-X2
December 2, 2008CT Archive/Mentioned onlyKillerRoboLeia3000
November 29, 2008CT Archive/So here's something new: Aurebesh quiz pageQ9-X2
November 10, 2008CT Archive/Manual of Style for OOU articlesRoboCade
November 6, 2008CT Archive/Kreia...or Darth Traya?Supreme Emperor
October 31, 2008CT Archive/Organizing Fact FilesKillerRoboLeia3000
October 27, 2008CT Archive/Creatures vs. animals?Q9-X2
October 25, 2008CT Archive/Clone names vs. numbersKillerRoboLeia3000
October 20, 2008CT Archive/Naming Conventions for Nobility and RoyaltyKillerRoboLeia3000
October 8, 2008CT Archive/SWG external linksQ9-X2
October 5, 2008CT Archive/Appearances - The Clone Wars TV seriesRoboCade
September 21, 2008CT Archive/WookieeQuote PagesRoboCade
September 17, 2008CT Archive/Era tagsEcksBot
September 12, 2008CT Archive/GA proposalQ9-X2
September 7, 2008CT Archive/Revamp of the good article nomination rules revisitedEcksBot
September 7, 2008CT Archive/New continuity sectionRoboCade
August 29, 2008CT Archive/FAN rule amendmentKillerRoboLeia3000
August 25, 2008CT Archive/Skin color in infoboxQ9-X2
August 12, 2008CT Archive/Aliases problemAL-BRT
August 5, 2008CT Archive/Separate categories for Anakin/Vader images?Q9-X2
July 1, 2008CT Archive/Expansion Packs: Gotta keep 'em separated.Q9-X2
June 29, 2008CT Archive/Axing silly sourcing ruleAL-BRT
June 27, 2008CT Archive/Stopping FA leechesQ9-X2
June 26, 2008CT Archive/New FAN voting proposalKillerRoboLeia3000
June 24, 2008CT Archive/Re-evaluating the S apostrophe issueQ9-X2
June 22, 2008CT Archive/Droid article layoutKillerRoboLeia3000
June 20, 2008CT Archive/InterviewsCade Calrayn
June 6, 2008CT Archive/Quote lengthJMAS
June 5, 2008CT Archive/Character infobox changes (multiple votes)KillerRoboLeia3000
June 2, 2008CT Archive/Main page pagetitleRoboCade
May 23, 2008CT Archive/If something appears in a source, does it really appear?Q9-X2
May 23, 2008CT Archive/Are appearances in Instant Action modes canonKillerRoboLeia3000
May 22, 2008CT Archive/FAN red link addendum, pt. 2 - SourcesEcksBot
May 21, 2008CT Archive/Adopt vandalism policyQ9-X2
May 21, 2008CT Archive/FAN red link addendumEcksBot
April 29, 2008SH Archive/Manual of style: Citing forum postsKillerRoboLeia3000
April 21, 2008SH Archive/"Gallery must die" revisitedKillerRoboLeia3000
April 21, 2008CT Archive/"X (language)" or "X language"?AL-BRT
April 18, 2008CT Archive/GAN: A Chance for EveryoneQ9-X2
April 13, 2008CT Archive/Clearing up Appearances and Sources (multiple votes)KillerRoboLeia3000
April 13, 2008CT Archive/Intermediate article milestoneKillerRoboLeia3000
April 5, 2008CT Archive/Quote policy addendumQ9-X2
March 30, 2008CT Archive/Fan-made maps, reduxQ9-X2
March 29, 2008CT Archive/"Yoda's species" vs. "Unknown tridactyl species"KillerRoboLeia3000
March 27, 2008CT Archive/Ambiguous canon in the main article bodyDarth Culator
March 27, 2008CT Archive/Cut content in the bio section, reduxQ9-X2
March 23, 2008CT Archive/Re-FAs on the main pageKillerRoboLeia3000
March 19, 2008CT Archive/Capitalizing "sector"EcksBot
March 7, 2008CT Archive/SynchronizeQ9-X2
March 6, 2008CT Archive/Should we really have external links to fansites?Q9-X2
February 21, 2008CT Archive/FA rule 8 amendmentRoboCade
February 6, 2008CT Archive/RFR requirementsQ9-X2
February 6, 2008CT Archive/Formatting of "Behind the scenes" - bullets or not?Q9-X2
February 4, 2008CT Archive/Articles on RPG character templatesAL-BRT
January 31, 2008CT Archive/Fansite webmastersAL-BRT
January 28, 2008CT Archive/Consensus sectionSilly Dan
January 25, 2008CT Archive/Why the New Boring Templates?RoboCade
January 17, 2008CT Archive/Unnamed, unknown, namelessKillerRoboLeia3000
January 15, 2008CT Archive/"In Use" tag timeframeDarth Culator
January 6, 2008CT Archive/Bureaucrat vetoQ9-X2
January 6, 2008CT Archive/RFA Rule ChangeQ9-X2
January 6, 2008CT Archive/Proposed addition to Wookieepedia:AdministratorsQ9-X2
January 6, 2008CT Archive/List of Important LinksQ9-X2
January 3, 2008CT Archive/Categorizing images: story arc vs issueQ9-X2
January 1, 2008CT Archive/Making an official policy for "What a Quote is"EcksBot
December 16, 2007CT Archive/Some Battle article MOSingKillerRoboLeia3000
December 10, 2007CT Archive/Citation for Real World FAs (New proposal)KillerRoboLeia3000
December 7, 2007CT Archive/Non- and semi-sentient species sectionsAL-BRT
December 2, 2007CT Archive/Master Who?: Unnamed ArticlesQ9-X2
December 1, 2007CT Archive/Categorization by company?KillerRoboLeia3000
November 30, 2007CT Archive/Citation for Real World FAsKillerRoboLeia3000
November 16, 2007CT Archive/Speech bubble blanking, reduxQ9-X2
November 11, 2007CT Archive/Purging "It has different text!" foreign coversQ9-X2
November 4, 2007CT Archive/More layout guide stuffKillerRoboLeia3000
November 4, 2007CT Archive/Planet article guidelinesAL-BRT
November 1, 2007CT Archive/Valid reasons to put something back in the trashQ9-X2
November 1, 2007CT Archive/Two weeks for TC discussions?Q9-X2
October 28, 2007CT Archive/IU NotabilityQ9-X2
October 27, 2007CT Archive/Canon/noncanonCade Calrayn
October 26, 2007CT Archive/Anonymous stormiesKillerRoboLeia3000
October 24, 2007CT Archive/Improvement driveKillerRoboLeia3000
October 21, 2007CT Archive/A Modest ProposalKillerRoboLeia3000
October 19, 2007CT Archive/FA-a-Day for 2009Q9-X2
October 18, 2007CT Archive/Word count limit on fanonToprawa and Ralltiir
October 2, 2007CT Archive/Vote: Revamp of the Good article nomination rulesQ9-X2
September 17, 2007CT Archive/Editcount Percentage Policy ProposalRoboCade
September 15, 2007CT Archive/Disallowing Fanon - Yes or no. Period.RoboCade
September 15, 2007CT Archive/Queue know the problem.Q9-X2
September 9, 2007CT Archive/Original Research restrictionQ9-X2
September 7, 2007CT Archive/Proposal: WookieesourceQ9-X2
September 3, 2007CT Archive/Fanon - Zero ToleranceKillerRoboLeia3000
August 28, 2007CT Archive/Spoiler policyRoboCade
August 26, 2007CT Archive/Creating a User Fanon Art GalleryQ9-X2
August 17, 2007CT Archive/Links within referencesAL-BRT
August 15, 2007CT Archive/Sentient vs SapientQ9-X2
August 11, 2007CT Archive/The IRC Chatbot -- Go or Stay?RoboCade
August 9, 2007CT Archive/DuelsQ9-X2
July 30, 2007CT Archive/Non-licensed art by officially licensed artistsKillerRoboLeia3000
July 28, 2007CT Archive/Clone trooper names vs. numbersKillerRoboLeia3000
July 25, 2007CT Archive/Originality RuleRoboCade
July 23, 2007CT Archive/Cut content categories?Q9-X2
July 19, 2007CT Archive/Shortening the featured article timeQ9-X2
July 18, 2007CT Archive/Revan... virtual Master of Darth Bane?RoboCade
July 16, 2007CT Archive/Where do we draw the line between recording canon and being an IU repository?AL-BRT
July 15, 2007CT Archive/Good Articles on the Main PageQ9-X2
July 2, 2007CT Archive/Nebulax voteDarth Culator
June 23, 2007CT Archive/Capitalizing "galaxy" - arguments against, and request for revoteEcksBot
June 21, 2007CT Archive/Multiple 3RR'sSupreme Emperor
June 20, 2007CT Archive/Labyrinth of Evil vs. Clone WarsKillerRoboLeia3000
June 20, 2007CT Archive/Jack NebulaxKillerRoboLeia3000
June 16, 2007CT Archive/Repealing the Story arc vs. Issue decisionQ9-X2
June 16, 2007CT Archive/Code to highlight admins on Recent ChangesQ9-X2
June 9, 2007CT Archive/Google map support for Filming locationsJSarek
June 9, 2007CT Archive/Merging of R5-D2 and R5-G8JSarek
June 9, 2007CT Archive/Actual forums now availableSupreme Emperor
June 8, 2007CT Archive/Trash compactor. Let's vote.Q9-X2
June 4, 2007CT Archive/Why have articles on video game consoles?Q9-X2
June 3, 2007CT Archive/Media titles: ReloadedEcksBot
June 1, 2007CT Archive/Forum Index in the "Interaction" box?JSarek
May 29, 2007CT Archive/Region, Sector pagesJSarek
May 28, 2007CT Archive/User templateQ9-X2
May 27, 2007CT Archive/Italics or bold for emphasis?Xwing328
May 18, 2007CT Archive/Amendment to FA requirementsRoboCade
May 15, 2007CT Archive/Link colorsOzzel
May 8, 2007CT Archive/Segregating non-canon stuff into its own CategoryKillerRoboLeia3000
May 7, 2007CT Archive/Changing Conan Antonio Motti back to MottiRoboCade
May 5, 2007CT Archive/Adding fields to the Jedi character infoboxesKillerRoboLeia3000
May 2, 2007CT Archive/Fanon limits - revised proposalRoboCade
April 29, 2007CT Archive/Merge Force Power variants?KillerRoboLeia3000
April 27, 2007CT Archive/Full implementation of scrollboxesQ9-X2
April 22, 2007CT Archive/Fanon go BoomQ9-X2
April 22, 2007CT Archive/Renaming Category:Admirals and generalsKillerRoboLeia3000
April 20, 2007CT Archive/Renaming VFDImperialles
April 18, 2007CT Archive/Userbox ProposalsKillerRoboLeia3000
April 18, 2007CT Archive/Drawing the line: IU vs OOUAL-BRT
April 17, 2007CT Archive/Privacy policyJSarek
April 16, 2007CT Archive/Ordering the queueQ9-X2
April 15, 2007CT Archive/Behind the scenesImperialles
April 14, 2007CT Archive/RFA Rule 5Q9-X2
April 11, 2007CT Archive/Prohibiting Inqs from voting on their nominationsJSarek
April 11, 2007CT Archive/Establishing Guidelines for Userbox VotesJSarek
April 10, 2007CT Archive/Merge Peer Review & Good ArticlesQ9-X2
April 9, 2007CT Archive/Non-Canon FAsKillerRoboLeia3000
April 9, 2007CT Archive/"If it an item does not exist, then there is no article!"AL-BRT
April 5, 2007CT Archive/Complete articlesJSarek
April 5, 2007CT Archive/FA reform proposalKillerRoboLeia3000
April 5, 2007CT Archive/Search icon tweaksQ9-X2
April 4, 2007CT Archive/RPG game sourcingJSarek
April 4, 2007CT Archive/Additional FA rule suggestionKillerRoboLeia3000
April 2, 2007CT Archive/Real-world biographiesCade Calrayn
April 2, 2007CT Archive/CC-1119 to AppoQ9-X2
March 29, 2007CT Archive/Barring use of "USERNAME" tag in signaturesRoboCade
March 26, 2007CT Archive/Banning Skype for any official Wookieepedia eventsQ9-X2
March 25, 2007CT Archive/Renomination of featured articles (again)RoboCade
March 22, 2007CT Archive/Superweapon infoboxAL-BRT
March 21, 2007CT Archive/Splitting long articlesAL-BRT
March 17, 2007CT Archive/Reference desk rulesJSarek
March 17, 2007CT Archive/Reference desk nameKillerRoboLeia3000
March 15, 2007CT Archive/Image naming policyQ9-X2
March 13, 2007CT Archive/Annihilation of Religion UserboxesKillerRoboLeia3000
March 4, 2007CT Archive/Ignore all rulesQ9-X2
March 3, 2007CT Archive/Excessive useless editsRoboCade
March 2, 2007CT Archive/If there's ever a SW/anything crossover...R2-D2
March 2, 2007CT Archive/MPv3 tweakingRoboCade
March 1, 2007CT Archive/Rollback rightsQ9-X2
February 28, 2007CT Archive/The "Sources" sectionAL-BRT
February 26, 2007CT Archive/Single issue votersRoboCade
February 21, 2007CT Archive/Linking to the SW Merchandise Wiki.AL-BRT
February 19, 2007CT Archive/Links in in-article titlesKillerRoboLeia3000
February 17, 2007CT Archive/BtS sections with one paragraph - preceded by an asterix?EcksBot
February 17, 2007CT Archive/Main Page version 3RoboCade
February 15, 2007CT Archive/Star Wars Merchandise Wiki requestedAL-BRT
February 15, 2007CT Archive/Video gamesRoboCade
February 14, 2007CT Archive/Merging and Redirecting new KotOR articlesJorrel Fraajic
February 6, 2007CT Archive/Droid use policies (or the lack thereof)JSarek
February 5, 2007CT Archive/Wookieepedia - Reference DeskRoboCade
February 2, 2007CT Archive/Images: Fan ModificationsKillerRoboLeia3000
February 2, 2007CT Archive/Twi'lek namesRoboCade
February 2, 2007CT Archive/Source tempaltes revisions?R2-D2
February 2, 2007CT Archive/Adding subsection on Wookieepedia:Templates for proposing templatesQ9-X2
February 2, 2007CT Archive/Sourcing revamp revampEcksBot
January 31, 2007CT Archive/Appearances/sources: scroll boxes vs hidable boxesQ9-X2
January 29, 2007CT Archive/Appearances/Sources subheadingsR2-D2
January 28, 2007CT Archive/Featured Article Reform ProposalEcksBot
January 28, 2007CT Archive/Disambiguation pagesEcksBot
January 26, 2007CT Archive/Codifying common senseQ9-X2
January 26, 2007CT Archive/Prohibiting anonymous editsRoboCade
January 25, 2007CT Archive/"The" in front of ship names - another voteRoboCade
January 25, 2007CT Archive/Anakin/Vader dual infoboxEcksBot
January 24, 2007CT Archive/Born/Died LocationEcksBot
January 22, 2007CT Archive/Possible amendments to user page policy and WP:NOTDarth Culator
January 19, 2007CT Archive/Action figures - RevisedRoboCade
January 19, 2007CT Archive/Rearranging Category:SubstancesR2-D2
January 19, 2007CT Archive/Italics within italic textRoboCade
January 14, 2007CT Archive/Species Main ImagesKillerRoboLeia3000
January 14, 2007CT Archive/Sig policy revisitedKillerRoboLeia3000
January 12, 2007CT Archive/Merger proposalsR2-D2
January 11, 2007CT Archive/Sourcing revampKillerRoboLeia3000
January 11, 2007CT Archive/Action figuresEcksBot
January 11, 2007CT Archive/Imperial insignia pageKillerRoboLeia3000
January 5, 2007CT Archive/Policies for voting competitionsRoboCade
January 1, 2007CT Archive/About those naming conventions...KillerRoboLeia3000
January 1, 2007CT Archive/Removal Of Apperence lists (i.e the sepret lists used for charecters like Luke and BobaQ9-X2
December 31, 2006CT Archive/Changing capitalization in quotesR2-D2
December 30, 2006CT Archive/Admin AgeDarth Culator
December 30, 2006CT Archive/Capitalizing "human" -- some more detailsKillerRoboLeia3000
December 24, 2006CT Archive/Boba Fett main image: Policy or OpinionKillerRoboLeia3000
December 23, 2006CT Archive/Santa Claus for featured article?Exiledjedi
December 20, 2006CT Archive/England vs. England/TempSilly Dan
December 15, 2006CT Archive/Disabling creation of pages by anons and new usersAL-BRT
December 14, 2006CT Archive/New "merge" templatesCC7567
December 14, 2006CT Archive/Chronological, or Alphabetical?RoboCade
December 9, 2006CT Archive/Image policy proposalRoboCade
December 9, 2006CT Archive/Admin nominationsRoboCade
December 8, 2006CT Archive/Appearances: issue vs arcRoboCade
December 6, 2006CT Archive/Votes for deletion revampRoboCade
December 4, 2006CT Archive/QuotationsKillerRoboLeia3000
December 3, 2006CT Archive/De-adminship processRoboCade
December 2, 2006CT Archive/New Polish sister siteRoboCade
December 2, 2006CT Archive/Raynar/UnuThul mergeKillerRoboLeia3000
November 30, 2006CT Archive/Catalogue of unnamed vehiclesRoboCade
November 26, 2006CT Archive/New Source Based AwardsKillerRoboLeia3000
November 19, 2006CT Archive/Head shots in infoboxKillerRoboLeia3000
November 18, 2006CT Archive/We should hold a consensus for Anakin and Vader's articles to be split up again!EcksBot
November 18, 2006CT Archive/Real-world datingSilly Dan
November 11, 2006CT Archive/Notes and referencesQ9-X2
November 7, 2006CT Archive/Speech bubbles - remove text or not?Supreme Emperor
November 6, 2006CT Archive/General Grievous Main ImageRoboCade
November 3, 2006CT Archive/Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader mergerExiledjedi
November 2, 2006CT Archive/I'm going to get killed for this . . .AL-BRT
October 29, 2006CT Archive/Question BoardR2-D2
October 26, 2006CT Archive/Separate discussion area for Star Wars universeCade Calrayn
October 25, 2006CT Archive/Retro-active WOTMQ9-X2
October 23, 2006CT Archive/Bolded Title in Intro - we should go the whole 9 yardsRoboCade
October 12, 2006CT Archive/Non-canon materialKillerRoboLeia3000
October 7, 2006CT Archive/Races and species categorization revampKillerRoboLeia3000
October 5, 2006CT Archive/Blatant C-Canon contradiction of older C-CanonKillerRoboLeia3000
October 2, 2006CT Archive/QOTD placementSilly Dan
September 26, 2006CT Archive/Naming conventions: Stage names?EcksBot
September 25, 2006CT Archive/Removal of featured article statusKillerRoboLeia3000
September 25, 2006CT Archive/Admin voting Mk. IIRoboCade
September 23, 2006CT Archive/Weapon categorization revampKillerRoboLeia3000
September 23, 2006CT Archive/Italicizing ship article titlesRoboCade
September 18, 2006CT Archive/Infobox images: full-body vs closeupsR2-D2
September 17, 2006CT Archive/Scroll boxesKillerRoboLeia3000
September 17, 2006CT Archive/PunctuationMaster Jonathan
September 16, 2006CT Archive/Templates for ship classes?KillerRoboLeia3000
September 10, 2006CT Archive/Deleting old copyvio articlesToprawa and Ralltiir
September 8, 2006CT Archive/Bot status for R2-D2?Q9-X2
September 8, 2006CT Archive/"Wookiee Awards"RoboCade
August 30, 2006CT Archive/QOTD vote counting and timeoutsToprawa and Ralltiir
August 30, 2006CT Archive/Restrict moving abilityQ9-X2
August 29, 2006CT Archive/Administrator VotingRoboCade
August 26, 2006CT Archive/"Notable" fansitesRoboCade
August 20, 2006CT Archive/QOTDs from WookieepediansQ9-X2
August 20, 2006CT Archive/Real-world quote pagesCade Calrayn
August 14, 2006CT Archive/Mon Calamari (planet) or Dac?RoboCade
August 13, 2006CT Archive/Fair use and Hyperspace images?AL-BRT
August 5, 2006CT Archive/New User LevelQ9-X2
August 5, 2006CT Archive/Spoiler tag for RevanQ9-X2
July 23, 2006CT Archive/QuotesEcksBot
July 21, 2006CT Archive/EmergencyR2-D2
July 16, 2006CT Archive/NPOV versus JPOVR2-D2
July 16, 2006CT Archive/Sockpuppet policies?R2-D2
July 5, 2006CT Archive/Non-canonKillerRoboLeia3000
June 26, 2006CT Archive/Gallery-exclusive imagesKillerRoboLeia3000
June 24, 2006CT Archive/Ship namesKillerRoboLeia3000
June 23, 2006CT Archive/Restricting use of user pagesQ9-X2
June 21, 2006CT Archive/Some changes re: blocking methods, etcExiledjedi
June 10, 2006CT Archive/Additional info in character infoboxesR2-D2
June 8, 2006CT Archive/Fan Colored ImagesR2-D2
June 7, 2006CT Archive/Image Code VerificationR2-D2
June 6, 2006CT Archive/POVs in articlesKillerRoboLeia3000
June 5, 2006CT Archive/Featured article removal candidatesR2-D2
June 4, 2006CT Archive/Three-revert rule enforcementR2-D2
June 2, 2006CT Archive/"Characters" or "Dramatis personae"?Q9-X2
June 2, 2006CT Archive/Main character pics: 250px or 300px?EcksBot
May 26, 2006CT Archive/General Lesser Organization InfoboxKillerRoboLeia3000
May 26, 2006CT Archive/Era articlesR2-D2
May 25, 2006CT Archive/Succession boxes in Battle/War infoboxesAL-BRT
May 22, 2006CT Archive/Spoiler policy -- new one needed ?R2-D2
May 22, 2006CT Archive/War introsKillerRoboLeia3000
May 17, 2006CT Archive/Restrictions on user page picturesQ9-X2
May 14, 2006CT Archive/Dark troopers in battleboxes before TalayEcksBot
May 14, 2006CT Archive/Restrictions on custom user signaturesRoboCade
May 14, 2006CT Archive/Establishing a unified blocking policyQ9-X2
May 9, 2006CT Archive/"the" ship namesAL-BRT
May 3, 2006CT Archive/Title Template UseAL-BRT
April 30, 2006CT Archive/Dash use policyR2-D2
April 25, 2006CT Archive/New Section for the Wiki (Wookiee)Cade Calrayn
April 24, 2006CT Archive/Longer Sentences, Poetic Adjectives, and so forthExiledjedi
April 21, 2006CT Archive/Era symbolsRoboCade
April 20, 2006CT Archive/Remove "Star Wars" from media titles?EcksBot
April 15, 2006CT Archive/Move Wookieepedia:Meetings to Mofferences?Q9-X2
April 10, 2006CT Archive/Layout of main articlesKillerRoboLeia3000
April 8, 2006CT Archive/Real people infoboxR2-D2
April 2, 2006CT Archive/Quotes: Format, Standards, and PolicyR2-D2
March 28, 2006CT Archive/Creation log for user accountsR2-D2
March 26, 2006CT Archive/Fanon in User pagesR2-D2
March 22, 2006CT Archive/Article naming conventionsEcksBot
March 20, 2006CT Archive/Main page redesignRoboCade
March 18, 2006CT Archive/Vandalism PolicyR2-D2
March 16, 2006CT Archive/What Wookieepedia is notR2-D2
March 15, 2006CT Archive/Userbox template discussionRoboCade
March 8, 2006CT Archive/Capitalization of HumanRoboCade
March 5, 2006CT Archive/Major and Minor FansitesRoboCade
March 1, 2006CT Archive/Fan-made MapsQ9-X2
February 28, 2006CT Archive/Registration requirementKillerRoboLeia3000
February 26, 2006CT Archive/Article Names: Real vs. AdoptedEcksBot
February 19, 2006CT Archive/Renomination of featured articlesKillerRoboLeia3000
February 9, 2006CT Archive/Copyright DiscussionSupreme Emperor
February 8, 2006CT Archive/New ship and vehicle infobox templatesEcksBot
January 8, 2006CT Archive/Code of ConductKillerRoboLeia3000
December 27, 2005CT Archive/Featured article criteriaKillerRoboLeia3000
December 27, 2005CT Archive/New planet infobox templateRoboCade
December 19, 2005CT Archive/SpoilersCade Calrayn
December 18, 2005CT Archive/Featured article ground rulesSupreme Emperor
December 13, 2005CT Archive/Featured article elimination processKillerRoboLeia3000
December 13, 2005CT Archive/Logo changeKillerRoboLeia3000
November 8, 2005CT Archive/Super-class Star Destroyer?KillerRoboLeia3000
October 16, 2005CT Archive/Succession boxesEcksBot
October 16, 2005CT Archive/Community Portal nameToprawa and Ralltiir
October 16, 2005CT Archive/Characters to IndividualsR2-D2
September 27, 2005CT Archive/Domain and forumsToprawa and Ralltiir
August 9, 2005CT Archive/Sides of the ForceAL-BRT
July 24, 2005CT Archive/Namespace disputeR2-D2