[12:26] <Imperialles> Culator?
[12:26] <Imperialles> Wouldn't you rather say that consensus was in favor of not keeping the list?
[12:26] <@Darth_Culator> No.
[12:27] <Imperialles> "After 10 days, 7+12+8=0 consensus"
[12:27] <@Darth_Culator> 12 to delete, 15 to not delete.
[12:27] <Imperialles> I'd rather say 7+20= consensus
[12:27] <@Darth_Culator> Too bad that's wrong.
[12:27] <Imperialles> 7 to keep, 20 to remove from the main namespace.
[12:28] <@Darth_Culator> 12 to delete, 15 to not delete, but the 15 are split on HOW not to delete. It stays.
[12:28] <Graestan> It certainly hasn'
[12:28] <Graestan> t been up for very long.
[12:28] <@Darth_Culator> Try again in another year.
[12:28] <Imperialles> I challenge your interpretation, and would like to see an unbiased admin close the TC discussion.
[12:29] <@Darth_Culator> Repeat VFDs are bad form anyway.
[12:29] <@Darth_Culator> Thing is, you won't find an unbiased admin.
[12:29] <Graestan> I'm not opposed to it personally.  Who began this?  Whoever did was probably just going around looking for things to shit on.
[12:29] <@Darth_Culator> That'd be 4dot in a nutshell.
[12:29] <Graestan> Greyman's likely not biased on the matter.
[12:29] <Imperialles> I'm fine with Greyman taking a look.
[12:30] <@Darth_Culator> Sorry, no. Violates autonomy.
[12:30] <Imperialles> At any rate, I feel the TC has been closed prematurely.
[12:30] * AdmirableAckbar (n=chatzill@REDACTED) has joined #wookieepedia
[12:30] <Graestan> ACKY
[12:30] <Imperialles> I am more than happy to take this to an adminvote.
[12:30] <Graestan> HAPPY BIRTHDAY
[12:30] <Imperialles> admin vote*
[12:30] <AdmirableAckbar> Hello
[12:30] <Imperialles> Happy birthday.
[12:30] <AdmirableAckbar> Thanks
[12:30] <Graestan> Fifteen?
[12:30] <AdmirableAckbar> Yes
[12:31] <@Xwing328> Happy Bday!
[12:31] <Redemption> Oh goodie. More FU info for Brood and Kota.
[12:31] <Graestan> <Acky's mom>"My little boy's all grown up." :'( </Acky's mom>
[12:31] <Redemption>
[12:31] <Graestan> :P
[12:31] <Imperialles> Very well, Culator. If you refuse to reopen the discussion, I'll bring the matter up for vote on the Admin noticeboard.
[12:31] <AdmirableAckbar> :P
[12:31] <@Xwing328> Imp - I say 15 for some form of keeping
[12:31] <AdmirableAckbar> Thanks Imp, Xwing
[12:32] <Graestan> Imp> I think the admin noticeboard would have been a better place to begin with for it.  Regular users pollute.
[12:32] <@Xwing328> 11 against, which isn't a clear consensus
[12:32] <@Darth_Culator> See? You're as biased as I am, and you're just pissed I got there first.
[12:32] <Imperialles> I at least try to assume good faith...
[12:32] <Imperialles> Graestan: Well, Wookieepedia is not a representative democracy.
[12:33] <Graestan> ?
[12:33] <Imperialles> Admins are not appointed to make decisions for the community.
[12:33] <@Darth_Culator> I can't assume good faith from you. You're trying to run Wookieepedia like it's your own personal site.
[12:34] <Graestan> I'm merely suggesting that admins have been elevated for a reason.  They're more likely to have the interests of the wook, and not personal preference, in mind than regular users are.
[12:34] <Graestan> Culator> THat can be said about a great many admins.
[12:34] <@Darth_Culator> You want a page deleted, so now you're getting all pissy that you didn't get the votes for it and you have to try another angle.
[12:34] <@Darth_Culator> It's pathetic.
[12:34] <grobda24> What's the vote about. I looked back but could'nt see the issue :/
[12:34] <grobda24> ?
[12:35] <@Xwing328> it's closed, but
[12:37] <grobda24> A bit like listing how many times characters eat I suppose ?
[12:38] <Redemption> Huh.
[12:38] <Redemption> Why DIDN'T I vote to have that deleted?
[12:38] <grobda24> "I need a good Kiss!" ... Solo.
[12:39] <@Xwing328> grobda24, I wouldn't be surprised if somebody wanted to add "How many times this character has eaten" to an infobox
[12:39] <grobda24> lol
[12:39] <@Darth_Culator> See, I wouldn't be opposed to a "list of references to food" or a "list of references to violence" or a "list of references to colors". They're all facts that need to be catalogued.
[12:39] <grobda24> Actually Star Trek has far more sex in it.
[12:40] <@Darth_Culator> And nobody bothered to VFD
[12:40] <@Darth_Culator> Which, canonically speaking, is arguably less important than sex.
[12:40] <grobda24> I suppose it's down to style. If it's written well then it's far more likely to stay in ?
[12:42] <@Xwing328> I suppose...I mean, look at It's written much better than many fanboyish articles
[12:42] <@Sikon> Redemption> Maybe you didn't vote because, uh, that isn't a vote?
[12:43] <Graestan> Nice discouraging picture like that helps, Xwing.  ;)
[12:43] <@Xwing328> lol
[12:44] <grobda24> Is that Earth page Wookiefied ?
[12:45] <grobda24> Wookieepedia CAN have "original research" right ?
[12:45] <@Sikon> No.
[12:45] <@Darth_Culator> -ish.
[12:45] <@Sikon> Noish?
[12:45] <@Sikon> or rightish?
[12:45] <@Darth_Culator> Noish.
[12:46] * GreenTentacle is now known as GT|eating
[12:46] <grobda24> I need to read the style guide thingy again.
[12:46] <@Xwing328> style guide's probably not completely up to date
[12:47] <grobda24> k
[12:48] * Graestan (n=chatzill@REDACTED) Quit (Client Quit�)
[12:52] * Imperialles (n=chatzill@wikia/Imperialles) Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)�)
[12:54] * Ineedaname (i=Ineedana@REDACTED) has joined #wookieepedia
[12:57] * Imperialles (n=chatzill@REDACTED) has joined #wookieepedia
[12:58] <Imperialles> I strongly object to that accusation, Culator.
[13:01] <Imperialles> Additionally, all TCs should remain open for at least 14 days per the consensus established here:
[13:02] <Imperialles>
[13:02] <@Darth_Culator> That's not a consensus. And even if it was it isn't a rule.
[13:03] <@Darth_Culator> I do notice how *you* agreed with 2 weeks, though.
[13:03] <Imperialles> I did, as did the majority of the people engaging in that discussion.
[13:04] <Imperialles> And no, consensus should not be overruled.
[13:04] <@Darth_Culator> A discussion from two years ago that involves 6 people, two of whom are now MIA, is not a consensus.
[13:05] <@Darth_Culator> Nice try, though.
[13:05] <Imperialles> Uh, yes it is.
[13:06] <Imperialles> Regardless, I'll bring it up for vote.
[13:06] <@Darth_Culator> Do that. It won't be retroactive.
[13:06] <@Darth_Culator> Your desperation amuses me.
[13:07] <Imperialles> I'm referring to the premature closing of the TC, not the established consensus to keep TCs open for 2 weeks.
[13:07] <@Darth_Culator> It wasn't premature and you know it.
[13:07] <@Darth_Culator> You're really grasping at straws.
[13:08] <Imperialles> We'll see what decision the admins arrive at.
[13:08] <@Darth_Culator> Meh.
[13:10] * Imperialles (n=chatzill@REDACTED) Quit ("ChatZilla [Firefox]"�)
[13:11] <+Jaymach> hmm...I leave the chat room for a few hours, and I seem to miss something interesting
[13:11] <@Darth_Culator> Imp's power-tripping again.
[13:11] <+Jaymach> ah...what on now?
[13:12] <@Darth_Culator>
[13:14] <@Darth_Culator> Unlike some of the battles I've chosen in the past, I can win this one without cheating or being a dick. Imp is just plain wrong, but his desperation to get his way is going to make him embarrass himself.
[13:15] <AdmirableAckbar> hmmmm. What happpened?
[13:15] <AdmirableAckbar> oh, and when's the log for the inq meeting going up?
[13:15] <@Darth_Culator> Read the log, I don't feel like repeating myself.
[13:16] <+Jaymach> that TC is a mess :P
[13:16] <AdmirableAckbar> because muppets keep voting merge
[13:17] <+Jaymach> how can you merge it into a userpage?
[13:17] <+Jaymach> you can delete it, and have someone keep the information on their subpage
[13:17] <AdmirableAckbar> exactly
[13:17] <+Jaymach> it's not like we'll delete any copy of it on a user subpage with avengeance if this vote passes
[13:18] <AdmirableAckbar> and people like 8311 who vote merge even after it's been explained to them...

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