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As per the new FA system, the Inquisitorius has the power to remove former featured articles of their status if they aren't up to FA standards. After an Inquisitorius vote, if it's decided that the article is no longer FA quality, two weeks are provided to bring the article back up to quality. Otherwise the featured star is changed to the "former" star in the top corner of this page and a notice is put on the talk page that it was formerly featured.

Articles up for removal can be found in Category:Wookieepedia Inquisitorius FA removal. You can discuss any changes, improvements, or anything else pertaining to their removal on their Inquisitorius pages, which are linked to at the top of the articles. If you can't find the reasons why it was removed there (though we should have them listed), check the meeting logs on the Inquisitorius page. I'll also list them here by the date at which they'll be de-featured. Please discuss the articles on their respective pages, and not here. - Lord Hydronium 07:00, 4 March 2007 (UTC)

March 10, 2007Edit

March 17, 2007Edit

March 24, 2007Edit

March 31, 2007Edit

April 7, 2007Edit

April 14, 2007Edit

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