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The Great-Effort-To-Restore-The-Great-Hyperspace-War's-article forum.

So, the Great Hyperspace War…that's our next big endeavour as a team, or at least myself, Graestan, and AdmirableAckbar. This will be our main place to map out ideas, place pictures for use, quotes for use, or anything else that we eventually want to see used in the writing of this article. None of us really have the time at present to do this project on our own, hence why we teamed up together :) So work on what you can, when you can, and we'll get the Great Hyperspace War up on the FAN page one way or another within the coming weeks/months!

A lot of the below stuff is pretty standard practice for the three of us by now, especially with over 100 FAs between the three of us, but I thought I'd write it out here more for my memory than anything else :)

If you have a comment or an idea, simply place it in the appropriate section at the bottom! Cheers, Greyman(Talk) 19:24, 5 November 2008 (UTC)

Great Hyperspace WarEdit

(Please strike off each point and sign beside it with three tildes (~~~) when one has been completed.)

  1. Article layout:
    • Origins — this should cover the Sith civil war which proceeded the Great Hyperspace War, and anything else that directly led to the outbreak of the GHW (such as the Daragon's bad luck, the Unification Wars, etc.) The Unification Wars could be talked about to explain how Teta and her systems came to be united and strong enough to fight the Sith.
    • As subsections of the Origins section, we could have each event as a subheading...such as (for a rough example):==Origins== --> ===The Sith civil war=== --> ===The Daragon's troubled past=== --> ===The Unification Wars===. Thoughts? Likewise, the Unification Wars could probably also briefly be described in the section/paragraphs regarding to the Daragons, but I would also argue that it merits its own section mainly due to the history or Teta, etc. Again, thoughts?
    • Following the Origins section/subsections, we obviously dive into the battles of the GHW. Using this template, {{Great Hyperspace War}}, we should create individual subsections for each battle/skirmish like has been done on the Great Sith War. Depending on the length of each section, pictures could/should be used to illustrate the said battles. Known battles are listed below, and if new battles or conflicts are discovered or created, please add them to above template and to this list! The following are to be expanded in detail,
    • The problem of a "Sith Civil War." Confused? Me too. See the comments section below :)
    • A Fall out section should be created if there were any events, either local or galaxy-wide, that came about as a direct result of the outcome of the GHW — that is, if said events could be differentiated from "Legacy" events (See here and here for examples of what I'm talking about)
    • A "Legacy of the Great Hyperspace War" section needs to be written in detail since there were large galactic changes that came about. Source material, as opposed to Appearances, may shed light on this stuff.
    • A Combatants section needs to written, detailing the numerous sides/factions that fought in the GHW.
    • "Key Sith Figures" should obviously be included to briefly discuss those major Sith players. Comments on who should be considered as well as how many should be discussed in the "Comments" section below.
    • "Key Republic figures," per above.
    • And finally, the Behind the scenes section. Fyi: I've conducted an interview with Dario Carrasco, Jr. which can be found here. In it he talks a lot about his work on the GHW, so it would probably have some key information for a BtS.
  2. Non-layout related:
    • Appearances section needs to be combed over and made sure that all mentions, actual appearances, flashbacks, etc. are already added. If anything is missing, please add it.
    • Sources section needs to be done as well to account for any mention or the likes of the Great Hyperspace War.
    • Right now there is a entry in the "Sources" section which is an external link to an official-Star Wars site. For appearances sake, should we consider making an actual article for this site on Wookieepedia?
    • Using the Great Sith War as an example, the infobox needs to be expanded and completely sourced.
    • Likewise, the conflict succession box at the bottom needs to be sourced. When sourcing these dates, and any other specific dates, please remember to cite where you find the actual date from -- example, the New Essential Chronology has a lot of these dates listed.
    • Infobox picture: Do we agree to keep the current one? Or does anyone have any others that they have always enjoyed/preferred? Current image is File:Battle of Coruscant (Great Hyperspace War).jpg
    • Various article copyedits should be done once we're completed. I suggest Gonk right off the top of my head cause we all trust his work. If you'd like to ask anyone else when we're done, feel free to :) On that point, feel free to tell them to make a new heading/subsection on this forum for their review so that we can work on their comments.

I believe that's it. If you have any other sections or parts that you'd like to see included, please discuss them in the comments section and we'll fit it in somewhere where it will work best. Greyman(Talk) 19:24, 5 November 2008 (UTC)


Re: "Sith Civil War" from the above point: This brings about the question of what we should do for the "Sith events" that came before the actual Sith invasion of the galaxy which directly influenced the events after it — aka, the Great Hyperspace War. Currently, to my knowledge anyways, Wookieepedia doesn't have an article for this "Sith Civil War" that happened prior to the GHW, a conflict which encompasses battles such as the Battle of Khar Delba and several others. Now, should we brave a whole new world for TotJ goodness and create these articles (which could be stubs for the time being) thus allowing for "as correct information as possible" to be presented in the infobox, succession box, and Origins section? I'd like to hear any thoughts or ideas if you guys have them, cause I have no problem creating redlinks/stubs for now and then siccing WP:TOTJ on them at a later date :) Maybe we could even make an FA/GA project out of them like we've managed to do for the Great Sith War and Great Hyperspace War. Greyman(Talk) 19:24, 5 November 2008 (UTC)

Pictures to be used or consideredEdit

Quotes to be used or consideredEdit

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