Hey all, hope you're enjoying the holidays! I'm sure many of you are enjoying The Old Republic by now, much like myself, and for those of you playing on the Empire side I'd like to ask your help in filling me in on any info that has to do with HK-47. I know HK appears in a flashpoint for the Imperials and since I'm playing on the Republic side it would take me quite a while to eventually progress to that point. Thanks! JethLordMasterYing yang copy (Xia Order) 11:15, December 29, 2011 (UTC)

  • Don't have access to the game itself, but the TOR in-game codex was placed online a few days ago. Copy-pasting HK-47's entry:


Planet: Unknown Planet

This HK-series assassin droid achieved infamy just before the Jedi Civil War. Although outwardly resembling a Systech Corporation unit, he was actually built by Darth Revan as a method of silencing political opponents. HK-47 has had many masters besides Revan, as well–corporate figures, crime lords, Hutts and Mandalorians–who have tried to harness his assassination protocols, usually with disastrous results.

Three centuries ago, after being found and repaired by the Jedi Exile, HK-47 helped defeat the Sith Triumvirate. After the fighting ended, he was kept in trust by the re-formed Jedi Order, much to his dismay; with the galaxy still in turmoil, the Jedi were concerned that HK-47 would start "helpfully" removing troublesome individuals. Then, during routine maintenance, an engineer accidentally activated an unknown command in HK-47′s systems. Soon after, the droid disappeared from Jedi custody and left for deep space.

The Jedi’s records claim that HK-47 has been destroyed and rebuilt several times since his creation. Darth Malgus’s agents are said to have recently recovered HK-47′s components from a mysterious facility built into an asteroid. Now reassembled and upgraded, HK-47 has become one of Darth Malgus’s most formidable weapons.

Not certain about this case, but several other instances of "Unknown Planet" happen to be Dromund Kaas.SinisterSamurai 22:06, January 4, 2012 (UTC)
    • Here are some of the quest descriptions and dialogues related to HK-47; I hope they will help you with writing the article. --C-3P0 23:27, January 5, 2012 (UTC)

[FLASHPOINT] The Foundry -- Defeat HK-47

  • Aboard the Foundry, you encountered the Jedi's personal assassin droid, HK-47, at the ship's factory core within the Droid Generator. You'll need to combat the droid to continue.
  • You defeated HK-47, the Jedi's personal assassin droid in the Foundry's factory core. Now proceed farther into the Foundry and locate its control center.
  • Once aboard, you secured the hangar deck and entered the station's power core where you confronted Arkis Wode, the Anomid responsible for the station's modifications. His proud claims were interrupted by a lethal droid named HK-47. HK-47 has one priority: your immediate, painful death. Destroy the Hunter Killer droid.
  • Once aboard, you secured the hangar deck and confronted Arkis Wode, the station's architect, before being forced to battle an assassin droid named HK-47. With HK-47 defeated, Arkis Wode is your only obstacle to the station's inner chambers. It's time you force his cooperation.

Revan dialogue:

  • Revan: These machines are extermination droids--my infinite army. Farewell.
  • Revan: That HK unit you destroyed... he waited loyally for three hundred years. I can rebuild him, but it won't be the same.

HK-47 voice-overs:

  • HK: Objection: My master promised you would die horribly at my hands. At this rate, you'll perish well before then.
  • HK: Observation: This assault is hardly an adequate test of Foundry defenses. Please provide more organic meatbags to slaughter.
  • HK: Imperative: Extermination units converge on intruders. Psycholocutor and observer specialties report to tactical control.

HK-47 dialogue:

  • HK: Assessment: You have been exceedingly sporting during our hunt.
    • HK: I am HK-47, the master's most faithful ally. Once a mere assassin droid, it is now my burden and joy to command the Foundry's mechanical armies.
      • PC: Give me control of the droids. -- It's time to turn over the extermination units.
        • HK: Rejection: I would not advise taking control, given their current programming.
      • PC: A Jedi with an assassin droid? -- I didn't think Jedi believed in assassination... or built droids to do their dirty work.
        • HK: Commentary: I am often pleasantly surprised by my master's moral compass.
      • PC: Arrogant machine.
        • HK: Objection: My pride is entirely warranted.
  • HK: The extermination droids are my master's crowning achievement. They are equipped with bioscanners capable of detecting Sith genetic material.
  • HK: Any organics with Sith ancestry will be slaughtered! This includes ninety-seven-point-eight percent of the Imperial population.
    • PC: I think we're finished here. -- The Foundry belongs to the Empire. Your droids won't get far.
    • PC: Your master is insane! -- This was never about winning the war. You're talking about genocide.
      • HK: Emphasis: Ninety-seven-point-eight percent efficient genocide.
    • PC: Guess I should feel lucky. -- Too bad my species doesn't have any "Sith genetic material."
    • PC: Guess I should feel lucky. -- So when you wipe out half the galaxy, I'll be one of the survivors.
      • HK: Commentary: Unfortunately for you, the master still wants you dead.
    • PC: Ruthless. I'm impressed. -- I'm surprised your master had it in him. Maybe he'll be a challenge after all.
      • HK: Commentary: As much as I'm looking forward to butchering our enemies planet-by-planet, I have missed the personal touch.
        • HK: Your bones will make excellent trophies to commemorate my return to assassination.
          • HK: Rejection: I have nothing to say to you.
  • HK: Warning! Excessive damage sustained!
  • HK: Commentary: I hope my master will appreciate my efforts here.
  • HK: Retraction: You're not entirely unskilled after all. Activating assassination protocols, level two.
  • HK: Extrapolation: Your death will occur within the next sixty seconds. Consider trying harder.
  • HK: Slaughter programs loaded!
  • HK: Extermination units, converge!
  • HK: Prejudice set to maximum.

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