Forums > Senate Hall archive > Hello, I am very new to this and would like to hear any advice on how things work

. . . (such as the 'community portal' and general conduct from the people who use the site. Thanks very much.

Well, ive only just signed up and would like to find out general conduct and how things work, to get into the flow of the site, any advice would be welcomed and greatly appreciated.

Thanks Again,

Darth Blight

  • Check your talk page, the my talk link at the top of the page, and their should be a welcome guide. Darth SargeConverse with me! 23:01, 16 April 2007 (UTC)
    • I take it you like Duality? "Lord Rayfe, this is my apprentice, Darth Blight. Kill him!" Anyway, it would surely be easier to get you in on the 'flow' of the site if you asked specific questions. DarthMRN 23:28, 16 April 2007 (UTC)
      • I can't believe we don't have an article on that fan film. DarthMRN 23:31, 16 April 2007 (UTC)
        • Sorry DarthMRN, i dont really know what Duality is... it's my first hour or so, so i'm a bit slow on the uptake...Darth Blight 23:41, 16 April 2007 (UTC)
          • You mean your username is a mere coincidence? What fun. Allow me to enlighten you, then: [1]. Enjoy ;D DarthMRN 23:52, 16 April 2007 (UTC)
  • erm, ok then :) oh, by the way, how do you get pictures... as i am looking for a picture of a hooded jedi (i know ive been asking a lot of you all but i'm pretty sure this is the last one about just general stuff, i will definately start editing soon).thanks, Darth Blight 00:07, 17 April 2007 (UTC)
    • Well, firstly, we try not to have thread titles that are so long they break the forum they're posted to. ;-) I've cut this one in half for that reason, hope you don't mind. As to general conduct, the links on your talk page are a good start. Generally speaking, if you start off small, pay attention to how other users do things, and ease yourself into bigger and/or more technical things, you'll do fine. jSarek 01:41, 17 April 2007 (UTC)
    • What jSarek said. Make sure to use the preview feature when editting. It's easy to get in a hurry and skip the preview. -Fnlayson 04:38, 17 April 2007 (UTC)
  • MRN, I was never aware of Duality but it looks awesome. Who made it? -- Riffsyphon1024 04:44, 17 April 2007 (UTC)
    • Wikipedia is still good for something: [2] DarthMRN 09:58, 17 April 2007 (UTC)
      • Ok, sorry about the long title...didnt really think it would take up that much space, also thanks for the info... could you please explain to me the whole 'Duality" thing...[ just so you know... Darth Blight is NO-ONE's apprentice!! ;-)]Darth Blight 18:54, 17 April 2007 (UTC)
        • Explain? It is a fan film. It is quite popular. I assumed you had taken your username from the character. I was mistaken. That is all there is to it. DarthMRN 19:03, 17 April 2007 (UTC)
    • Oh, NOW I get it, ok, (see my userpage) sorry to keep harping on about it ;-)Darth Blight 19:41, 17 April 2007 (UTC)

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