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Is there a name for the period between the Indecta era (ending c. 15,000 BBY) and the Pius Dea Crusades (beginning c. 12,000 BBY)? The years within this 3000-year time period in which known events occurred are:

15,000 BBY 14,975 BBY 14,000 BBY 13,975 BBY 13,720 BBY 13,000 BBY 12,720 BBY 12,500 BBY 12,000 BBY

If not, could an article be created for this time period, (perhaps with a title like "Post-Indecta period"), as long as it has a Conjecture template and a brief explanation in the lead paragraph? ~ Jaywin

I created a sandbox for anyone who wants to see a basic outline for what I'm suggesting. ~ Jaywin
I also created a sandbox for the period of time in between the Pius Dea Crusades and the Rianitus Period. ~ Jaywin
  • Looks decent. I have no objections to you moving these out of the sandbox and into the playground. jSarek 12:42, 7 March 2007 (UTC)

I had a question at Talk:Manderon Period I was wondering if someone could answer. ~ Jaywin

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