Celebration IV > Jaymach's photo report - Sikon 15:34, 25 May 2007 (UTC)

Best picks (IRC):

[22:18] <Enochf> Since when do scout and snowtroopers hang out with stormtroopers? ^_^
[22:18] <Gonk> some convention center
[22:18] <JorrelFraajic> In LA.
[22:18] <Karohalva> It was the Emperor's interbranch conciliation event.
[22:19] <Gonk> Trust exercises, sing-alongs
[22:19] <Gonk> :D
[22:19] <Karohalva> To remind them that they are all together worthless pawns in the galactic machinations of a badly wrinkled Sith Lord.
[22:19] <Enochf> Sweet droid
[22:19] <Gonk> sweeter droid
[22:19] <Enochf> Is that droid canon? Cuz he doesn't have an entry
[22:20] <GreenTentacle> Damnit Xerox, answer the phone!
[22:20] <Gonk> yeah, it's R7 i think
[22:20] <JorrelFraajic> These are making me mad.
[22:20] <JorrelFraajic> Damn C4 >:-(
[22:20] <Enochf> Yeah, but R7-S2 or R7-52 or whatever he is
[22:20] <Gonk> nah, porobably noncanon
[22:20] <JorrelFraajic> Bah!
[22:20] <JorrelFraajic> Ambiguously canon!
[22:20] <Karohalva> C4-D2 I think he is.
[22:20] <Imperialles> We used to have articles on all these guys/droids
[22:21] <Gonk> Damn
[22:21] <Enochf> Oh, wait, he's not dead
[22:21] <Karohalva> What is it? A jukebox?
[22:22] <Gonk> Gahhhh!
[22:22] <Karohalva> Vader at the disco!
[22:22] <Gonk> LOL
[22:22] <Enochf> I'm droid-plotzing
[22:22] <Karohalva> Samurai Vader
[22:23] <Gonk> Retainer Vader
[22:23] <Gonk> Now this is cool
[22:23] <Enochf> We're not gonna crash your server are we Jaymach? ^_^
[22:23] <Karohalva> Let's work on it and we can
[22:23] <Enochf> Jaymach?
[22:23] <LucidFox>
[22:23] <Enochf> Bah! Stupid Jaymach, not logged on, out having fun...
[22:24] <Gonk> beeeep...beeeep.....beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[22:24] <JorrelFraajic> Enochf: Jaymach doesn't come here anymore.
[22:24] <Gonk> Nose art? c'mon
[22:24] <LucidFox> what the horny heck is ?!
[22:24] <GreenTentacle>
[22:24] <GreenTentacle> I like that one.
[22:25] <JorrelFraajic> Gonk: That's no nose...
[22:25] * Gonk is confused by this one
[22:25] <Karohalva> They rusted.
[22:26] <GreenTentacle>
[22:26] <GreenTentacle> Darth Dibley!
[22:26] <Enochf> Ha!
[22:27] <Gonk> bahhh
[22:27] <Karohalva> And that, friends, is why Darth Vader wears the face mask.
[22:27] *** Gonk is now known as Gonk|Away.
[22:27] <Enochf> Nice one Jango... always thinkin' with your stomach
[22:27] <Karohalva> Last of the Mandalores... See him now, only at the C4 zoo!
[22:28] <GreenTentacle>
[22:28] <GreenTentacle> That's just disturbing.
[22:28] <JorrelFraajic> Yep.
[22:29] <Karohalva> It's a decruitment poster.
[22:29] <Enochf> It's probably like Ed Asner under there or something
[22:29] <Karohalva> I like to think Henry Ford
[22:29] <Culator|Work> That's either a tiny woman or a helmet from a trooper with a giant head.
[22:29] * JorrelFraajic is envious.
[22:30] <Culator|Work> I'm not sure which is more disturbing.
[22:30] <JorrelFraajic> Not of that helmet, mind you.
[22:30] <Karohalva> I hope not of the outfit, Jorrel.
[22:30] <JorrelFraajic> See: <JorrelFraajic> Not of that helmet, mind you.
[22:30] <Culator|Work> NTTAWWT.
[22:30] <JorrelFraajic> I'm envious of the ability to go to the venue.
[22:31] <Enochf> What the heck kinda Star Destroyer is that anyway?
[22:31] <Karohalva> So, are there any Star Wars related things at C4? Or just pop art?
[22:31] <JorrelFraajic> JJM is there.
[22:31] <JorrelFraajic> A bunch of authors are there.
[22:31] <Karohalva> Junior Joe Maltson?
[22:31] <Enochf> Say... who's the chick with the white skin?

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