Does anyone have any idea why the starfighters in Star Wars are so slow? Every fighter in the Star Wars universe is (in the atmosphere at least) slower than real world Jet Fighters. I would think that with all the advanced technology in the Star Wars universe they would be able to build something faster than an F-18. For example, a real world F-22 Raptor is almost twice as fast as an A-wing and an X-wing can't even go Mach 1. Does anyone have an explanation of how these starfighters could be so much slower than so much more "primitive", real world fighters. Tarvin Calaan 23:07, 19 November 2007 (UTC) Yes. These starfighters only reach those slow speeds because the atmosphere would crush an object travelling at ,extremely high speeds. However when a ship has its front deflector shields on it can reach extremely high speeds. Such as the Arc-170, which can only reach atmospheric speeds of around mach 1, but with its deflector shieldson it can reach mach 44.

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