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I am surprised that I never thought about this before but why are the ships in Tales of the Jedi, all organic-looking, and seem to be poorly put together, but not 50 years later in the KOTOR comic series we see ships that seem completely modern and streamlined. Some ships are the model such as the Mandalorian battleship. We see it in Tales of the Jedi as an oddly organic ship but in KOTOR it is completely modern. Another example is the Mandalorian troopship User:Revanthereformer1138

  • Because they are two different sets of comics, done by different artists and authors, and (some) written/published more than a decade apart. Easy answer: Artist's, writer's, and Dark Horse's interpretations, vision, and styles changed. Greyman(Talk) 23:14, 11 June 2008 (UTC)

Yeah but shouldn't there be some kind of explanation for this? Is there going to be some kind of retcon? I'm looking for an in-universe explanation-if there is one. If not then I will leave it at that User:Revanthereformer1138

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