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This is not a place to ask questions about Wookieepedia itself.

Knowledge Bank

At the Knowledge Bank, you can ask questions about the Star Wars universe.

Answers to many common questions about the galaxy far, far away can be found in the Knowledge Bank FAQ.

Knowledge Bank Rules

The Knowledge Bank is only for canonically answerable questions. Incorrect or speculatory answers will be reverted or removed, while sourced or otherwise verifiable answers may remain. Off-topic posts are subject to deletion.

  1. Look before you ask. Use that little box on the left or upper right side of your screen that says "Search." Read the relevant article(s), or if you're pressed for time, hunt for a relevant search term in an article using your browser's Find feature (it's probably under the Edit menu).
  2. No versus threads. Meaning no "Palpatine vs. Nihilus" or "Executor vs. Viscount" or anything like that. This also means no questions on which Jedi, Sith, superweapon, etc., was most "powerful."
  3. No questions about other universes. In some ways an extension of the previous rule. No "Death Star vs. Borg."
  4. No wild fan theories. Meaning no "Aayla didn't die!" or "Jar Jar DID die!", etc.
  5. No questions about reproduction. This is not the place to research your fantasies.
  6. While we're on the subject, don't ask about the Jedi Exile's gender. She's female.
  7. All talk-page questions not directly related to improving an article will be directed here.
  8. Answers must be independently verifiable. With page numbers, if possible.
  9. Questions may or may not be answered in a reasonable amount of time. If you need speed more than you need perfect accuracy, feel free to bring your question to the IRC channel.
  10. No soliciting. (That means your web page, your video game mod, etc.)
  11. This forum does not exist to cater to your lack of ability or desire to read.
  12. Do not ask about Ahsoka Tano's fate. We don't know.
  13. For that matter, do not ask about any details about Episodes VII, VIII, and IX. We don't know anything beyond what's already in the articles just linked, which goes back to Rule 11.
  14. All standard rules of Wikipedia and Wookieepedia decorum apply (NPA, NOR, DBD, etc.).

Please don't answer questions with your own fanon, speculation, or personal opinion. This is a canon-only zone and to do so is misleading to those who are asking the questions.

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TopicLast editLast author
Rahm Kota contradicting himself02:05, April 17, 2014Obi-Wan Kenobody
Blaster powerpacks14:18, April 15, 2014MadMarek
Star Destroyer Repulsors09:46, April 14, 2014DarthNematode
Force sensitive Clones04:33, April 14, 2014Obi-Wan Kenobody
The cost of a Crystal Field Grav Trap?23:12, April 11, 2014Wolfscar45
Force Sensitive Clones17:20, April 11, 2014M4 C-Corp
This Crumb for Hire year22:24, April 7, 2014Hanzo Hasashi
Darth Maul01:24, April 3, 2014174.21.108.92
Fear of death - Battle droids17:44, April 2, 2014DarthNematode
Is there a RA-7 Protocol Droid Action Figure?19:39, April 1, 2014KievanMereel
Obi-Wan Kenobi's Arquitens-class light cruiser19:27, April 1, 2014Omicron
M'Kae Galactic Files card18:37, April 1, 2014Hanzo Hasashi
Ability to use the Force is diminished05:53, April 1, 2014108.71.211.21
Question about General Grievous19:50, March 25, 201499.188.37.141
Juno Eclipse namesake15:49, March 25, 2014MadMarek
Why can't they clone lost limbs or organs?16:02, March 24, 2014Taral, Dark Lord of the Sith
Sith with Mandalorian Armor?19:06, March 18, 2014Olioster
About Terror Troopers..18:35, March 11, 2014Wolfscar45
Buying a planet/moon?19:52, March 10, 2014KievanMereel
Anakin Skywalker Jedi Master14:30, March 10, 201499.188.36.80
Aurebesh digraphs14:26, March 10, 201499.188.36.80
Why did...10:00, March 10, 2014MadMarek
Leia's lightsaber combat Form16:29, March 6, 2014Omicron
Research droid15:36, March 3, 201499.188.36.80
Why does Darth Vader's suit have hebrew lettering on it?15:34, March 3, 201499.188.36.80
Is the song "Superstructure Chase" present in the Anthology release of Episode VI?20:57, March 2, 2014Zaralith
What manner of beast is that?02:13, March 1, 2014101.168.170.155
I have an question about order 66.00:12, February 27, 2014Master Jonathan
how is darth plagueis alive in new maul:lockdown novel when sidious killed him 30 yrs before according to the timeline14:28, February 25, 2014DigiFluid
Clone Question16:43, February 24, 2014Taral, Dark Lord of the Sith
The Jedi20:30, February 17, 201499.188.36.80
What happens to a Clone when they gets Court - Martial?20:20, February 17, 201499.188.36.80
Ssssk!17:46, February 17, 2014Ayrehead02
Yureah16:34, February 17, 201499.188.36.80
Sith Holocrons22:46, February 14, 201499.188.36.80
Pellaeon–Gavrisom Treaty Violation22:31, February 14, 201499.188.36.80
The Sith14:18, February 10, 2014Taral, Dark Lord of the Sith
Force ghost question18:21, February 4, 201499.188.36.80
Who is the guy talking to the stormtroopers14:45, February 2, 2014CookieCrumb
Force Drain Question..18:21, February 1, 2014Wolfscar45
Does anyone know the fate of Darth Nihl13:22, January 27, 2014MadMarek
Why didn't Luke know about lightsabers?22:34, January 22, 2014Taelin Thurn
Darth Vader question...17:51, January 22, 201499.188.36.80
Darth Nihilus' death02:44, January 18, 201499.188.36.80
Jedi robes in the dark times02:39, January 18, 201499.188.36.80
Why did Obi- one claim not to know R2-D2 in episode IV?03:38, January 16, 2014Gree43
Question about games, the books of games and comics..01:36, January 14, 201499.188.36.80
Greek fire equivalent in Star01:26, January 14, 201499.188.36.80
Looking for a picture's origin10:20, January 12, 2014LelalMekha
So just to be clear about the Rule of Two..20:13, January 11, 201499.188.36.80
Imperial Palace Question13:47, January 9, 2014Taral, Dark Lord of the Sith
Was there any attempts of evacuation from Alderaan?14:57, January 7, 2014Fe Nite
X-Wing awards01:01, January 7, 2014149.176.250.16
Sith tattoo continuity problem?00:41, January 4, 2014Mgrozo
Color of the lasers?21:56, January 3, 2014Fe Nite
Air Conditioning on Tatooine?21:54, January 3, 2014Fe Nite
How soon did Thrawn return to the Unknown Regions?13:36, December 31, 2013Taral, Dark Lord of the Sith
Sith Betrayal13:59, December 30, 2013MadMarek
About Jedi Praxeum ships13:50, December 30, 2013MadMarek
Chopters?01:18, December 28, 2013Ghostly Menace
Artificial intelligence?23:08, December 24, 2013Darth Pickle 2
AT-AT and Juggernaut tank heights16:31, December 19, 2013MadMarek
Did Darth Ramage try to make a time machine?16:50, December 18, 2013Adoras
Reaction after sniper shot13:38, December 18, 2013Adoras
Can anyone explain me why Leia Organa and Mara Jade kept their own surnames along with taking their husbands'?02:14, December 18, 201398.237.224.220
Humans, universally attractive?17:19, December 17, 2013Taral, Dark Lord of the Sith
Chapter 20 sountrack15:30, December 16, 2013Batboyexe
Leia's lightsaber(s)09:14, December 14, 2013Tinwe
Why did Cpt. Rex wear ARC-trooper armor if he was a standard clone captain?02:50, December 14, 2013JangFett
IG-88A18:47, December 10, 201312.218.151.2
Who was Romondi in Episode IV13:12, December 6, 2013MadMarek
Any blaster that can punch through durasteel?13:43, December 5, 2013MadMarek
Tyrant's Fist commander21:05, December 4, 2013CC7567
Any comics about Stormtroopers?02:24, December 4, 2013Wolfscar45
How many ships are in the empire20:55, November 30, 2013Supreme Emperor
How did Darth Vader learn Luke was his son?15:22, November 29, 2013Gethralkin
Who is the blue alien with the black hair at the far right?19:30, November 27, 2013HeadInAnotherGalaxy
Space junk16:14, November 26, 2013Fe Nite
Imperial fleet at Endor15:27, November 26, 2013MadMarek
Advanced tech in Star Wars?23:48, November 23, 2013Manoof
How many soldiers are in the empire16:47, November 23, 2013Supreme Emperor
PLEX Missile trooper AND Rebel Vanguard or just Rebel Vanguard18:41, November 19, 2013MadMarek
Mulchive Wermis22:36, November 16, 2013Ayrehead02
Pronunciation of four names?06:40, November 15, 2013Sol Pacificus
Vader's shuttle in Dark Times ID01:13, November 15, 2013Omicron
Undead, undead or undead14:21, November 11, 2013MadMarek
Clone cadet's uniforms09:38, November 11, 2013Ghostly Menace
Science in star wars?14:14, November 6, 2013Manoof
Star Wars: The Old Republic Canonity21:51, November 5, 2013Cade Calrayn
Are these things in Star Wars 2?02:05, October 30, 2013Master Jonathan
Are these things in Star Wars?12:16, October 28, 2013Taral, Dark Lord of the Sith
TIE pilots and V-Wings21:17, October 23, 2013Corellian Premier
Revan real name?20:28, October 22, 2013Cade Calrayn
Missing page?13:23, October 21, 2013Taral, Dark Lord of the Sith
Imperial Commando Special Unit questions..11:02, October 20, 2013Ghostly Menace
Galactic Standard Calendar vs other planet solar cycles?23:42, October 16, 2013Master Jonathan
Question about the Falcon.17:42, October 15, 2013MadMarek
Elan Mak/Kam Nale: Appearances03:23, October 13, 2013Clonehunter
Death Star II and Endor size discrepancy19:48, October 11, 201399.188.36.80
Do these technologies exist in Star Wars?19:44, October 11, 201399.188.36.80
Toilets on starships09:43, October 10, 2013MadMarek
Mon Calamari starships09:36, October 10, 2013MadMarek
Tatooine population04:11, October 8, 2013StarsiderSWG
In-Universe usage of the Imperial March (or Martial Theme of the Empire) request22:52, October 4, 2013StarsiderSWG
Hybrid Status?22:10, October 2, 2013SavageBob
About the fast, medium, strong styles..00:02, September 30, 201398.237.224.220
Providence-class carrier20:17, September 29, 2013Corellian Premier
Definition of humanoid14:10, September 28, 2013LelalMekha
Imperial branches and insignia13:00, September 28, 2013LelalMekha
Dreadnought-class heavy cruiser's crew?14:05, September 27, 2013MadMarek
Number of Jedi during Clone Wars11:11, September 27, 2013LelalMekha
Predestination or Free will?05:16, September 27, 201399.188.36.80
turbolasers on starships11:38, September 26, 2013MadMarek
Existence of the Supreme Moff rank09:23, September 25, 2013MadMarek
Question about TCW and canon.20:43, September 24, 2013Wolfscar45
How good are the physicists and astronomers in a GFFA?04:52, September 20, 2013Richterbelmont10
The Columi in the Monolith16:02, September 15, 2013Jedi Marty
Can clone troopers get promoted?01:08, September 14, 2013JangFett
Jango Fett & his clones04:29, September 13, 2013Sol Pacificus
Sith Lords14:34, September 12, 2013LordCaedus
Why no Darth title?12:28, September 10, 2013Taral, Dark Lord of the Sith
About RPG guides02:38, September 8, 2013Richterbelmont10
Galactic Empress or simply Empress?17:27, September 5, 2013Weedle McHairybug
Legacy Volume 3?16:39, September 4, 2013Taral, Dark Lord of the Sith
Unidentified object source in Star Tours 203:24, September 3, 2013Weedle McHairybug
Jedi Finances23:19, September 2, 201398.237.224.220
Winged aircraft21:44, September 2, 2013SavageBob
Identification of these Imperial military members21:21, August 30, 2013108.0.244.168
Three different statues of Sistros?13:11, August 30, 2013Sightsaber
Lost Tribe in the Galaxy?12:50, August 26, 2013Taral, Dark Lord of the Sith
Stormtrooper/TIE pilot question..18:32, August 25, 201399.188.36.80
Imperial officer played by Tom Mannion08:05, August 24, 2013108.0.244.168
Gay males in the Empire?11:25, August 22, 2013Cavalier One
Stolen Imperial Starfighter plans04:58, August 21, 2013Ghostly Menace
Darth Vader pilot feats?21:12, August 20, 2013Richterbelmont10
Munificent-class frigate09:38, August 19, 2013Supreme Emperor
Star Wars In-Universe Score21:29, August 18, 2013Weedle McHairybug
The age of Ajunta Pall and other Jedi Exiles20:25, August 18, 2013CookieCrumb
Death Star timeline19:53, August 11, 201399.188.36.80
Coleman Kcaj's Name17:23, August 8, 2013Pluto2
Jacen Solo's Law21:25, August 5, 2013Trip391
How do humans not get terrified?14:32, August 5, 2013Omicron
BBY: 3,950-3756 a few questions. . .02:08, August 4, 2013Zom Biezley
Sentinel-class landing craft18:51, July 30, 201388.101.8.129
Bubblesabers00:44, July 29, 201399.188.36.80
Imperial Naval Code22:11, July 27, 2013Weedle McHairybug
Need help with ID of old Star Wars childrens book12:41, July 25, 2013Silly Dan
Imperial Navy Troopers16:52, July 24, 2013Fe Nite
The Melodious Nym!06:11, July 24, 2013Dionne Jinn
For hair, wigs and maybe Synth-hair?04:56, July 24, 201399.188.36.80
Thracia Cho Leem23:40, July 23, 2013JangFett
IT-021:13, July 22, 2013101.169.170.163
Was Cantham House in Episode III?11:21, July 22, 2013LelalMekha
Bifurcating cyclical-ignition pulse23:02, July 17, 2013Richterbelmont10
The Force and Nightsister Magic?21:57, July 16, 2013Richterbelmont10
Imperial Seniority12:31, July 15, 2013Dionne Jinn
cloning Jedi02:52, July 15, 2013Corellian Premier
Shaak Ti's death23:44, July 14, 2013Supreme Emperor
Death Star firepower20:23, July 12, 2013DigiFluid
Warfare17:04, July 9, 2013Taral, Dark Lord of the Sith
Gregar Typho's Death02:23, July 3, 2013Master Jonathan
Split up and head back to the surface03:25, June 28, 2013206.39.41.2
The Model numbers of the Machinery18:37, June 25, 2013149.135.145.88
Moon of Alaris20:18, June 23, 201397.93.121.31
Ninth Assassin throne room13:36, June 21, 2013Weedle McHairybug
Malastarian species from Epsidoe I Racer22:15, June 19, 2013206.39.41.2
Death Star Plans03:17, June 17, 2013DigiFluid
Star Wars Galaxies Servers16:19, June 15, 2013Olioster
Irrukiine?12:14, June 14, 2013Taral, Dark Lord of the Sith
Pursuing Han12:11, June 10, 2013Taral, Dark Lord of the Sith
Dates in Shmi Skywalker's journal (Tatooine Ghost)23:31, June 7, 2013LelalMekha
Star Wars Hunting Games?15:14, June 7, 2013501stlegionstandardbearer
Planet named Lego?03:06, June 7, 2013Supreme Emperor
Hidden Temple?19:16, June 6, 201350.157.146.85
Source of the Imperial Army troopers17:01, June 3, 2013Omicron
Korriban location23:53, June 2, 2013Supreme Emperor
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