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This is not a place to ask questions about Wookieepedia itself.


Knowledge Bank

At the Knowledge Bank, you can ask questions about the Star Wars universe.

Answers to many common questions about the galaxy far, far away can be found in the Knowledge Bank FAQ.

Knowledge Bank Rules

The Knowledge Bank is only for canonically answerable questions. Incorrect or speculatory answers will be reverted or removed, while sourced or otherwise verifiable answers may remain. Off-topic posts are subject to deletion.

  1. Look before you ask. Use that little box on the left or upper right side of your screen that says "Search." Read the relevant article(s), or if you're pressed for time, hunt for a relevant search term in an article using your browser's Find feature (it's probably under the Edit menu).
  2. No versus threads. Meaning no "Palpatine vs. Nihilus" or "Executor vs. Viscount" or anything like that. This also means no questions on which Jedi, Sith, superweapon, etc., was most "powerful."
  3. No questions about other universes. In some ways an extension of the previous rule. No "Death Star vs. Borg."
  4. No wild fan theories. Meaning no "Aayla didn't die!" or "Jar Jar DID die!", etc.
  5. No questions about reproduction. This is not the place to research your fantasies.
  6. While we're on the subject, don't ask about the Jedi Exile's gender. She's female.
  7. All talk-page questions not directly related to improving an article will be directed here.
  8. Answers must be independently verifiable. With page numbers, if possible.
  9. Questions may or may not be answered in a reasonable amount of time. If you need speed more than you need perfect accuracy, feel free to bring your question to the IRC channel.
  10. No soliciting. (That means your web page, your video game mod, etc.)
  11. This forum does not exist to cater to your lack of ability or desire to read.
  12. Don't ask for any details about upcoming films. We don't know anything beyond what's already in their respective articles, which goes back to Rule 11. If you're having trouble finding the articles, all films are linked from Template:Star Wars.
  13. All standard rules of Wikipedia and Wookieepedia decorum apply (NPA, NOR, DBD, etc.).
  14. If you have any questions about the current status of Star Wars canon, please first read our canon policy before posting a new question here. It may answer your questions.
All threads will be automatically archived by a bot once they have been inactive for thirty days.

Please don't answer questions with your own fanon, speculation, or personal opinion. This is a canon-only zone and to do so is misleading to those who are asking the questions.

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