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I was reading the Luke Skywalker article and noticed an edit which confuses me, in the Legacy era of Luke's history it states the following:

" Luke would later learn of Lumiya's survival from their duel on Roqoo Depot and confronted her again. Lumiya offers to surrender to him. Luke is dubious and he says that he wishes she'd just give herself up to the Jedi so that she can be redeemed. There's a moment when they duel but Luke uses one hand on his lightaber and doesn't exert himself. Finally, she just deactivates her whip and says that Luke could kill her at any time that he wanted to while Luke says 'yes.' Luke also says that he doesn't want to kill her, never has and if chooses to then it'll only be because she's a never ending and continuing threat to his family. Lumiya is rather horrified to find that Luke still cares about her and doesn't hate her at all despite all she's done to him. That's when Lumiya's plan goes off that she lured Luke there so she could crash a Freighter into the location in order to kill them both in a suicide gambit. At that point, Luke escapes once more."

If this is canon how was it obtained?

P.S: The edit was mistakenly not made as a Spoiler.

  • My guess that some one got a leak from (a) the author (b) people at the bok companmy or other bootlegged sources no? That is totaly logical as this kinda stuff happens with movies and t.v and other things so it is not unlikely that it happens to books as wellJediknight2121
    • People are already getting copies from their friendly local bookstores. Books get put out early frequently. Havac 19:54, 25 February 2007 (UTC)