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Yes, I agree that we shouldn't air everything out in the TC. And we are coming here. Opinions about not deleting the Breast article are not at issue right now.

Darth Culator's behavior over the past few days has been a public relations nightmare.

I wrote an article about the Breast fiasco in Nerdvana Webcast, which was listed in the TC by Stake Black. In response to this, Culator stripped Stake's comment of the link on the grounds of removing a personal attack and used his administrative power to list the article in the spam filter. Needless to say, the article was not one, by any stretch of the imagination. When Stake asked him about it, Culator called it a political attack piece, without citing any evidence from the article, and threatened Stake with a ban. For this decision, he cited the "ill-considered accusations of impropriety"—well, he cited "accusations of impropriety" to Stake— provision of WP:CIVIL, but my article was not ill-considered. The posting of the edited breast intro on the main page was an act of impropriety. Culator calling the reaction from Club Jade (an Official Friend) a "bitchfest"—brazenly in the public edit record, then deleting that revision instead of apologizing—was an act of impropriety. Let's also not forget that the edit he was making was removing Club Jade from the Official Friends list without any authorization from the Wookieepedia userbase, specifically to deny them traffic while this controversy is airing out.

Culator has taken it upon himself, again without consulting the userbase, to represent Wookieepedia on blogs and in forums. There, he was dismissive to the concerns of Club Jade, citing his inability, "in 159 eBooks, [to] find the word “penis” or “testicle” used once, while there were pages of references to breasts." I know this is true, and searching for the word was admirable, but why would you go out and into a space that is not happy with Wookieepedia over sexualizing women, represent Wookieepedia, then tell the people there that you would have been just as happy with a penis joke? In the forums, in response to speculation that Wookieepedia did not really think an apology was warranted, he confirmed to these concerned readers that he did not think an apology was warranted. He also said that he was against the idea of posting it (Clarity edit: posting the rewritten breast article), "only because I knew something like this would ensue." A representative of Wookieepedia told the world that the only reason he was against the breast debacle was because Wookieepedia would see backlash. Not because it was wrong (see "some people don't think an apology is warranted" again), but because Wookieepedia would get in trouble.

This has been conduct completely unbecoming of a Bureaucrat, and my concerns are fully considered. Wookieepedia did not need any of these mistakes to be made.

However you think the Wook can save face after what happened on April Fools' Day, she doesn't need Culator going off the reservation like this.

But, sure, it's good to know that Culator is proud to tell the readership that he is willing to "do what needs to be done, even if I have to destroy the village in order to save it." NaruHina Talk Anakinsolo 17:13, April 5, 2014 (UTC)

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