Hello. I haven't been around much over the past few months, and ultimately I think it is the Legends announcement that has driven me away. Even though I came to accept that the reboot was necessary for the long-term health of the franchise, it caused me to lose most of my interest in maintaining Wookieepedia. I tried to make a comeback late last year, but ultimately I've concluded that the lack of interest is permanent.

Given that I will hit the admin inactivity window in three days (my last 50 mainspace edits go back to March 31), I've decided to be proactive and simply resign now. This is not a goodbye forever; I will likely pop in on occasion, and will continue to operate and maintain my bot tasks (see User:AJTD6#Active_recurring_tasks), but I do not currently, and will not in the future, have the activity level expected of an admin. The time has come to move on to other things in life, and resigning will allow me to get one thing off the back of my mind.

I've already reduced protection in my userspace, and it appears that I can remove my own admin rights, so I'll be doing that here in a minute. Thanks for having me around for the past six-plus years, and maybe there just might be a time several years down the road when I'm ready to become active again. Until then, you never know when I might pop up in recent changes. :)

—MJ— Jedi Council Chambers 18:34, September 28, 2015 (UTC)

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