Hi, I would appreciate it if one or more editors can look into this page:

Please see the History and Talk pages for the deletion of my post and the conversation that ensued.

As you're aware Star Wars publishing began in 1978 and by the time of these stories' publication in 1979, was limited to the Marvel Comic series, Russ Manning's newspaper strips, and a single novel. It is well known among fandom, and verifiable, that Chris Claremont created the first two black female characters (in fact the first black characters) in the Star Wars universe, in Annual #1: The Long Hunt, and Marvel UK Weekly #107-115: World of Fire. These characters are Katya M'Buele and Mici Shabandar. Claremont's two stories, assigned at the same time, were published a few months apart.

I would like to know if you feel as I do that the article and its related one ( bear noting this fact.

I believe the editors ("Toprawa and Raltiir" and "Darth Culator") have abused their positions of authority, used obfuscation, straw-man arguments (e.g., that I'm pushing a social agenda) and threats of banning to keep that information (which amounts to a single sentence) from being posted. But I appeal to your unbiased judgment to determine, after reading the Talk page, if this is the case.

Thank you for your time (talk) 22:52, 31 May 2015 (UTC)

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