ok, i don't want my account blocked again. but i think the Admins should know what's going on... Darth Culator blocked me and my sisters account (December 29, 2010) for WP:SOCK, and i admit our accounts do look like that, we're twin sisters, we have two computers and were both editing at the same time, different things. so i understand the part where we got blocked. then i got on today and i was looking at Darth Culator's talk room and i was seeing accounts of being blocked for no reason other then Darth Culator didn't like them. i don't think this is right, and so I'm reporting it. (albeit reluctantly) all i want is to bring this to the attention of someone who can do something or look into it. maybe I'm making a big deal of nothing. but i don't want others to be blocked for no reason. (although i admit our accounts were blocked because we do look like that....)and i am over the age of 13.

Thank you for you're time. AricaBolts 14:44, March 30, 2011 (UTC)

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