So, User:Nayayen made some .svg for Aurebesh numerals.

However, neither of us know how to update the existing templates to accommodate. Can anyone fix those? SinisterSamurai 03:46, February 7, 2012 (UTC)

In order to work with the {{Aur}} and {{AurB}} templates, they need to match the names and sizes of the other files used by those templates. That means they must be converted into PNG files with the exact same height as the files used by the template (examples on on each template's page). These PNG files must also be named correctly; the bold character images should be named File:AurebeshSans-SerifBold 1.png, File:AurebeshSans-SerifBold 2.png, etc., while the non-bold versions should be named File:AurebeshSans-Serif 1.png, File:AurebeshSans-Serif 2.png, etc. Note that the dash/minus sign already exists in both versions, so there's no need to convert it. Once you size and name them correctly, they will automatically work with the templates. —MJ— (Holocomm) Tuesday, February 7, 2012, 05:55 UTC
Thanks MJ, I didn't realise it was simply a case of uploading them with the specific filenames and the template would automatically find them. I'll make the bold versions and make PNGs of those and the normal ones later today. —NAYAYEN 08:23, February 7, 2012 (UTC)
Okay, I've done all of the PNGs. There's a comparison of them all in the Jundland Wastes. I'm aware that they are a little more bold than the letters, but that is something that essentially means redoing it all (SVGs included) from scratch, which isn't something I'm overly willing to do in the near future. They should be fine to use for now, although if people have particular issues with them then they can either use the original SVGs above to make new PNGs, or ask me to do specific numbers when I have the time. —NAYAYEN 23:43, February 7, 2012 (UTC)
No problem. Thanks for making the numbers in the first place. —MJ— (War Room) Wednesday, February 8, 2012, 00:57 UTC

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