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I do apologize if this is not entirely the correct place to post this request, but due to Acky's current absence, I'd like to ask permission from the administration for permission to nominate Unidentified Twi'lek Sith for Good Article Status. I don't do this out of spite for Acky, but simply for want of this to get done so I can move what I wanted to do six months ago along and finally leave the Wook satisfied for my experience. If you would like me to elaborate on the events between the two of us I will, but please check these pages first if (as) you've forgotten it. This is not all the correspondence of the event but it's what I could find:

Here is also an unresponded to letter I sent to Acky following my ban:

[Saturday, September 26, 2009]

Excuse me, Acky, but I'm not good at expressing myself through messages like this but I'll attempt it anyway.

You know why I'm writing, I think the ban you gave me is unjustified. I did make the changes you requested after it was taken down the first time. Then, because it seemed like I was putting it back up in spite of the AC decision it was taken down again. Toprawa then advised me to get in contact with you and I tried, but you have not been on the IRC lately. I asked Grae, he was the only one of you four I could get in touch with that way, and he said it was "fine." I waited a month from the original nomination before putting it back up again and, as I said, I made the proper changes that you requested after the first nomination. There were no objections made before the second nom was taken down so there was no need for me to change the article before the third (And I looked it over anyway, seeing no problems with it myself).

This wasn't "disruption," I was following the rules and actually trying to contact you, Tranner, and CC on the IRC, though not right away as I was quite busy as I'm sure you are now, but you weren't online and CC and Tranner have disappeared as well. In short: the third nomination, and the second for that matter, was neither despite or in spite of the removal nomination and I feel that a ban, with a length I also find completely excessive for nothing more than a lack of coordination and communication as a result, is unwarranted and I ask that you would please lift it.


Oh, and P.S., the {{GAnom}} template is still on the Twi'lek's page.

-- This e-mail was sent by NaruHina to AdmirableAckbar by the "E-mail user" function at Wikia.

I forgive Acky for the things he did that I see as wrong and I readily admit that I could have handled the situation a myriad of other ways but this is behind all of us. A simple yes or no would be appreciated (in either responses or an Administrative vote), I'd not like this to simply spiral into reprimands or defences of either of us, what happened happened. NaruHina Talk Anakinsolo 06:07, February 23, 2010 (UTC)


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