hello again went to add file (think that means file) but stops me what do i do? also just tried to edit"Darth Bane" but where is the edit article button and how do i do edit it?

Darth Bane is a semi-protected article (you can tell by the padlock symbol by the edit button) which means unregistered and new users can't edit it. Also please sign your posts with four tildes (~). Gdh9 17:18, December 11, 2011 (UTC)

Hi, I have some pictures I've been trying to add to existing articles of vehicles and spacecraft, such as a Praetor-class destroyer, or the Sovereign-class Dreadnought. I've provided legitimate sources and the licensing correctly, but it'll pop up with an error message saying that spamming unproductive images and information is a problem. The pictures are from mods that some friends of mine have made public, and are correct on appearance. I have many more pictures like them and would like to share if you guys could help.

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