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OK, so, like, welcome to this Wookieeproject. At the moment we'll just be taking stock of just what this project will, in the long run, be covering, so please be patient or start helping out. The process is this: find a source that would be covered by this project (all that's left at this point is the storybooks and the TV series...I think), add the source to our list, then add everything from that source to our list. At the same time, remember to put the {{WEtalk}} template on any article you add to the list. It's important to remember that we'll only be covering things that are predominantly in Ewoks material...for instance, we won't be covering the Galactic Empire just because they popped up in one episode.

When we've taken stock, we'll begin to work out just what this project is going to do. At this point I think we should work through the material in chronological order, and get everything from a certain piece of Ewoks material up to snuff, but if you have any ideas I'd love to hear them. Also, if you have any projects that are Ewok-based that you are planning to do in the future, please list them also, so we can work around them. Thefourdotelipsis 10:14, 28 May 2008 (UTC)

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