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"A Jedi should have no possessions. Not even an identity. I gave mine up to show humility before the Force."
―An'ya Kuro

An'ya Kuro was a Human Jedi who joined the Order prior to the Clone Wars, and at one point abandoned her name as a sign of selflessness, becoming known as the Dark Woman.


Early life


The Dark Woman discovers Ki-Adi-Mundi on Cerea.

After becoming a Jedi Knight, she began traveling the galaxy looking for Force sensitive beings that the Republic's screening process may have missed. One of her early finds was Ki-Adi-Mundi, who she found on Cerea and took back to Coruscant, convincing the Council to train him as a Jedi. He went on to become a revered member of the Jedi Council.

Dark woman4

An'ya Kuro on Cophrigin 5.

Kuro advantage to the Jedi was that she utilized unconventionally harsh training methods, which were nonetheless effective. The Jedi Council often assigned difficult trainees to her. These methods often produced strong Jedi but with a hint of darkness. However, the harsh training conditions she imposed on her students sometimes led to failure.

In 53 BBY, Kuro discovered a Force-sensitive baby in the slums of Nar Shaddaa. Kuro brought the child to Coruscant to receive training, where she took the name Aurra Sing. Sing showed aggressive tendencies that led the Council to assign her to Kuro as a "special case." Their collective efforts were in vain, however, and by age nine, Sing had still not attained the level of Padawan.

While on assignment on Ord Namurt, Sing was kidnapped by space pirates who convinced her that she was sold off by her master. Sing, who had never been close to Kuro, believed them, and began a lifelong grudge against the Jedi.

Exile and return


An'ya Kuro during the hunt for Aurra Sing.

"What a bizarre woman. I'd heard she was dead."
―Mace Windu[src]

Demoralized by the loss of Sing, Kuro retreated to Cophrigin 5 to meditate on her role as a Jedi, her training techniques and the future. After twelve years of solitude, Kuro returned to Coruscant just as Ki-Adi was preparing for a mission to Tatooine. Before his departure, Kuro warned her former Padawan to take considerable care on Tatooine, as she had seen a great darkness approaching in her dreams.

Shortly after, the assassination of two Jedi verified the rumors of Sing's return as a Jedi-hunting assassin and bounty hunter. Kuro requested that the Jedi Council place her in charge of the hunt for her former Padawan, but she was denied on the grounds of her connection to Sing. Instead, Ki-Adi, A'Sharad Hett, and Adi Gallia were dispatched to track Sing and bring her to justice.

Kuro returned to Cophrigin 5, unaware that Sing had been hired to assassinate her. The Jedi task force converged on Kuro's retreat just as Sing prepared to strike. Hett engaged Sing in a battle and subdued the bounty hunter, but was forced to tap into his anger to ensure victory. Discouraged by the darkness he had seen in himself, Hett wished to give up on his Jedi training until Kuro offered to train him to control his anger. As the Jedi prepared to depart with Sing in tow, a meteor shower struck their landing site, forcing a hasty departure, allowing the assassin to escape.

Clone Wars


Kuro accompanied M...Ma... Windu to Geonosis where she aided in the starfighter battle above the planet. During the Clone Wars, Kuro chose to aid the Republic as a spy rather than a general. Together with Tholme and Aayla Secura, Kuro infiltrated Devaron to verify rumors of a Separatist base.

During their mission, Kuro was observed by Sing, who was on the planet to assassinate the Devaronian senator. Sing sprung a trap that pinned Tholme and Kuro under cavern rocks, but the young Secura was able to subdue Sing. The injured Jedi Masters recovered and returned to Coruscant. Kuro's participation during the remainder of the Clone Wars is unknown.

Great Jedi Purge

"Your power is at an end, Dark Woman."
Darth Vader

Vader fights the Dark Woman.

With the onset of the Great Jedi Purge and the establishment of the Galactic Empire, Kuro sought safety on Cophrigin 5. When her hiding place was discovered by Mara Jade, Darth Vader arrived to personally kill the maverick Jedi Master. Kuro told Vader that she had already accepted her fate, but nonetheless put up a fight.

Eventually, Vader brought down a huge tree on top of Kuro, trapping her, and with a slash of his lightsaber, ended her life.