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"We're talking of revenge, Roblio! That's not the path of a Jedi! Having lost so much, must we now give that up as well?"
―Bultar Swan to Roblio Darté[src]

Bultar Swan was a Human Jedi who was apprenticed to Micah Giiett prior to the outbreak of the Clone Wars. Her acrobatic fighting style made her a rising star amongst the Jedi ranks, but she was not battle tested.


Master Giiett was killed at the hands of Yinchorri extremists, and Swan continued her training under Jedi Master Plo Koon. Swan also served on a team of Jedi diplomats attempting to bring peace during the Sepan Civil War.

Battle of Amaltanna

Bultar Swan at the Battle of Amaltanna

Swan was part of the 200-member Jedi task force sent to Geonosis to rescue Obi-Wan Kenobi from the Separatists forces, and fought in and survived the battle thereafter.

She served as a Jedi General in the Clone Wars, and fought in the Battle of Aargonar, and during the Second Battle of Coruscant, piloted a Jedi interceptor against the Separatist fleet.

She survived the execution of Order 66, and a month afterwards went with fellow survivor Tsui Choi to Kessel in an attempt at revenge against Darth Vader. However, the plan failed, and fellow Jedi Koffi Arana murdered her for her lightsaber during the fight against Vader. According to the Galactic Empire, Swan was killed by her fellow Jedi in a power struggle.

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