Now that the Coordinate Challenge "guide to identifying species in squares" section has been filled in, we have identified quite a few articles for which we don't have articles at all. These should show up as redlinks on that page. Perhaps another side project for us should be to at least stub these species so that their redlinks become blue. In the process, we might net ourselves some new CAs and GAs. In addition, we will probably identify a few undefined social groups and other non-species as well, which is a noble goal in and of itself! Another idea might be to add a list of these redlink species to this page, but for now, the Coordinate Challenge page is a good guide to what we're missing. ~SavageBOB sig 07:23, June 14, 2011 (UTC)

  • I've checked and purged those that were either not species, undefined social groups, or of undefined sentience. That leaves us with only a handful to take care of. I was unable to confirm Gannymedan, though. Eyr, you added that one, I think. Where are they from? ~SavageBOB sig 23:24, June 16, 2011 (UTC)
    • It is from The Bounty Hunter, entry 148: ""The Gannymedan did it," you explain by way of introduction." Havet Storm is describing a character in a "trashy holo-vid thriller". --Eyrezer 07:06, July 30, 2011 (UTC)

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