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I believe this may have been brought up once before a while ago, but I think it would be a good idea to describe toys/collectibles based on things in the films and EU. Characters' pages could have an additional section (like "Biography," "Behind the Scenes," "Appearances," etc) named something like "Products." Certain characters like Luke Skywalker or Han Solo could even have their own pages. Perhaps even a website like Rebelscum could permit use of their images, or even become an "official friend" of Wookieepedia? I would gladly assist in in this whole area if it is decided to be something of value to this site. Thanks. -Hollis 19:09, 25 July 2006 (UTC)

Given Wookieepedia's IU nature, that would fit best into a subsection of "Behind the scenes". --SparqMan 19:11, 25 July 2006 (UTC)
For proof of concept, I added sections to the articles for Kir Kanos and Carnor Jax to illustrate what I have in mind. -Hollis 19:26, 25 July 2006 (UTC)
  • I think it is a stupid idea to add information about toys to the Behind the Scenes sections. Look at Darth Vader's action figures. How many toy versions of Vader are there? Adding all that into a Behind the Scenes section would look stupid. Even something like "An action figure version of this was made in 2006". Not needed at all. The Behind the Scenes section is for relevant information about the article, not for a place for collectors to look to see if there's an action figure version of something. As an alternative, let's just make a list of all the toys produced by Hasbro and Kenner over the years and stick the lists in the appropriate articles—the toy company that manufactured them. Fleet Admiral J. Nebulax (Imperial Holovision) Imperial Emblem 22:11, 25 July 2006 (UTC)
  • I'm against this mostly as well. I think action figure information should only go in the BTS section, and even then, only for special circumstances, such as:
  • EU characters that have action figures. There is only a very small handful, and I think that makes them noteworthy.
  • Alternate names...i.e. the swapping of 4-LOM and Zuckuss' names on their original figures, Cantina patron nicknames, etc.
Otherwise, I think we need to steer clear of merchandise. An entire wiki dedicated simply to merchandise could pontentially be just as big as Wookieepedia. -- Ozzel 23:04, 25 July 2006 (UTC)
    • Strange that you should mention a Toywiki...[1]. At any rate, it might be worthy to note toys but not in detail and just link them over to that Wiki. The only ones which deserve mention here are probably fan choices like Revan and Ephant Mon. --RedemptionTalk Uglykotoricon 23:25, 25 July 2006 (UTC)
  • Maybe someone can write an good article about toys based on EU stuff, like the SotE toy line, Micro Machine's E-Wing and TIE Defender, Hasbro's EU action figures, Lego TIE/D, action figures for Star Tours or the Ewoks and Droids cartoons, and original characters like Jorg Sacul, etc.. ? --Craven 23:48, 25 July 2006 (UTC)
  • I support the idea of a list page, however I limit it to 3.75 inch figures only, which seems more reasonable. Overall I want to include all elements of the SW universe in IU and OOU formats into Wookieepedia, within reason of course. I'm not going to support a page that wants to include every toy ever made. But a list of 3.75 inchers is more managable. See also User:Riffsyphon1024/Temp#List of 3.75 inch action figures for a project under construction. -- Riffsyphon1024 02:30, 26 July 2006 (UTC)