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People seem to be misunderstand the purpose of some maintenance templates, so I'll attempt to clarify it.


For those abusing the delete(because) template: CSD only exists because not everyone can delete articles and images. Tagging a page as speedy asserts that no sane user will object to deleting it.

CSD can be used for:

  • complete shoot-on-sight nonsense (like "fhqwhgads" or extremely obvious fanon like "Darth Sxoo")
  • obsolete categories/templates replaced by other categories/templates
  • images, in case better versions exist (a link to the better version should be provided in the reason)
  • temporary and testing pages
  • pages created by accident

CSD should not be used for:

  • fanon, in case there is slightest doubt that the article is fanon, use {{fanon}} or {{vfd}}
  • any other articles, in case someone can disagree with their deletion (use the talk page or VFD)
  • well-known fanon (use {{Frl}}, an admin will redirect it to List of fanon creations and lock)
  • constantly recreated pages (redirect it to CRP; if the vandal persists, ask an admin to protect the redirect and list the vandal on VIP)

Admins may put unjustly CSD'd articles on VFD, or just remove the notice. You cannot know.


Articles tagged with {{sources}} do not need to be tagged with any other templates, including fanon, wookify and cleanup. In fact, it's unwelcome because doing so clutters maintenance categories. Sourceless articles are not subject to canonicity discussions or mandatory improvement, people can improve them if they want, but there is no guarantee their efforts won't be in vain. Articles that stay sourceless for too long may be deleted on sight.

Articles tagged sourceless are added to both Category:Sourceless and Category:Sourceless tagged. The first category lists pages in alphabetical order, the second is a maintenance category that lists them in the order of their last edit; the subheader is the week number with mod6 applied (confusing, I know).

The sourceless tag is not for:

  • Images with unknown source, use {{no source}} instead.
  • Articles which have some sources given. If you dispute the canonicity of these sources or the article subject's appearance in them, tag it fanon. If you want additional sources to be provided, tag it with {{more sources}}.
  • Sourceless systems or stars which are not CSD-worthy fanon (in other words, conjectures). These are currently held in reservations known as Category:Sourceless systems and Category:Sourceless stars, although occasionally old sourceless-tagged stars can pop up on the sourceless tagged category, in which case it is best to change the tag. Use {{sys-src}} and {{star-src}} instead.

For me, there is no preference between {{sources}} and {{sources-date}}; the timestamp on sources-date is independent from the autotimestamping scheme used for the sourceless tagged category. Others may disagree and prefer a particular template, I don't know.


If the issue is not very serious, it may be better to tag it {{fanon}} and attempt to resolve the issue on the talk page. Use VFD if you want a broader range of users to be involved in the discussion, or if nobody responds on the talk page.

- Sikon [Talk] 17:59, 22 March 2006 (UTC)

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