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I do not know where else to put this so here it is. If there is a place, then please tell me where. I hope it helps everyone. Karohalva 21:32, 20 February 2007 (UTC)

BASTILA I wish I could help you with that.

I am confident that you can deal with that on your own.

How can I help?

Then I suggest we move on.

Yes, I promised you an answer when we reached the Ebon Hawk, didn't I? But I'm afraid you won't like it. We should have some privacy for this.

I've given it considerable thought. I tried to master my emotions, rule out anything that would upset the careful balance I've spent years of training developing... but it's no use.

You're stronger than I am, and there's no point in telling me otherwise. You will be a great Jedi, I think. I hope.

I can't deny that there are parts of you I am drawn to. Your power, your will. You are so much stronger than I am.

In some ways you make me feel weak, like I am caught up in the wake of our destiny. But at the same time, you make me feel stronger, more alive.

Your guess is as good as mine. I know I'm not going to stop fighting against Malak and against the dark side.

I don't know. I have no experience in this sort of thing... and, really, this isn't the sort of time for... anything to happen, is it?

I realize now these feelings are part of the bond we share. The Jedi Council surely realized this; they knew my loyalty to the doctrines of our Order would be tested on this mission.

By facing and overcoming my feelings for you I have learned a valuable lesson about control and the dangers of emotion. This is an important step in understanding the Force.

I'm sorry if this is not what you wanted to hear. But I felt it was important you know our... infatuation... was nothing more than a result of our powerful bond.

Please, don't say it like that. You make it sound like I was using you! Don't you realize how difficult this was for me?

I... suppose you're right. If.. if all this fails because of me, I just... I don't think I could bear it.

Let's get on with this. I want to find Malak... I want this to end as soon as possible. Whatever lies between us we can... we can work out then.

Good. If... if we didn't stop Malak, and it was my fault... I don't think I could bear it.

You have been patient with me, haven't you? I suppose you deserve an answer. But you have to understand how difficult this is for me to say.

  • sigh*... it's just...

It's just... this is wrong! I am supposed to *know* better!

With all my training, I should be able to control myself better than this. But you're not anything like I expected. You're not like any man I've ever met before.

I find myself watching you when I don't mean to. I'm thinking about you when I don't want to. It isn't supposed to be like this!

Well you're going to. I cannot keep this to myself any longer, no matter how unpleasant you might find it.

I don't know. It shouldn't be so hard to not think of you. It should be easy to not think of you. I should have discipline! Jedi discipline!

Every time I try to call on all my teachings to calm myself, they fail me. You have such power, such passion! I don't know if it's due to the bond between us, but I'm drawn to you.

You... good. That is good. That... makes it easier for me. I would prefer to think of you as a disgusting, horrid man than... anything else.

It would be better if I could leave, return to Dantooine or... go anywhere other than here and put this behind me. But I can't. Malak must be stopped.

Don't worry - I can put this behind me. Let's just continue on with what we must do. It is better this way.

Oh, I thought... No, this is good. I'm glad you told me. This makes everything much easier.

I... *laugh*! No! Damn you for making me laugh! This... this is serious!

The Force is a part of you, as is your power. But that's not what attracted me to you. It's more than that. Maybe it's the bond we share. It gives us a certain... intimacy.

If I could, I would return to Dantooine. I need to be away from this bond of ours. I need to weaken it. I need to be anywhere but near you!

But I can't. Malak must be stopped, no matter what.

That... that's good. That makes this easier. I still feel a fool for acting like this, but knowing there is nothing...

And go where? I am needed here, just as you are. There is nothing that is more important than what we are doing. Which is why we need to resolve this.

I wonder... if this is a result of our bond? Or pehaps this was meant to be? I just know that I can't control what I'm feeling.

Please, don't tell anyone. I can... try to work through this, if I must. I just... I need to know if you feel anything. For me.

I... see. I don't know how to feel about that.

In a way, I feel weak, like I am caught up in the wake of our destiny. I also feel stronger, more alive... I've never felt anything like it.

I shall have to think on this. I am... sorry for bringing this all up so suddenly. This is not exactly the best of times for such talk, is it?

But, then, if all this had never happened... never mind. Let us continue doing what we came here for.

Good. We have more than enough to occupy ourselves, I am sure.

Yes, I did end that quite abruptly, didn't I? Perhaps a Master could have addressed my questions with the proper wisdom. But I never should have brought it up here. Not with you.

I don't think I'm the proper Jedi to guide you. I am no Master. You should have remained with the Council.

Please don't make light of this. The very fact that I am plagued by this doubt is yet further evidence of my inadequacy.

Perhaps you are not being truly objective, then. There is no need to spare my feelings on this point.

The fact of the matter is that I have never possessed much skill at controlling myself. With the bond that joins us, it seems I have even less.

If it were not for my Battle Meditation, I would still be in training... and we, no doubt, would not even have met.

You have maintained the path of the light side. But it has been in spite of my influence, not because of it. It is increasingly obvious I am unable to guide you properly.

Fair enough. You will probably be better off on your own, in any case. I won't trouble you with this anymore.

I will attend to my own issues, and you... you are on your own.

That is kind of you to say, but I think the evidence speaks for itself. I think... I think I may have made a very big mistake.

I don't know. I think... I think I may have made a very big mistake.

I simply hope that you are not the one who pays the price, ultimately, for the fact that I can't help you enough.

That's a kinder response than I deserve. And I can see there is wisdom in your words.

Perhaps you can help me. And I will try to help you, if I can. Hopefully this will all work out, for the both of us. And for the sake of the mission.

You... you continue to be there for me, don't you? Even after I keep pushing you away, you're still around when I need you most.

Well, just... different, I suppose. Things are not going as I thought they would. I... I need time to think about all this. And that's probably for the best, isn't it? Unfortunately we must continue this mission whether we like it or not.

Whether you will continue on your current path and fall to the dark side, I don't know. But it is increasingly obvious I am unable to guide you properly.

Am I so transparent? I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, considering our bond. Yes, there is something I would like to ask, if you'll permit it.

In our time together I've been watching you. You are a true servant of the light, you follow the tenets of the Jedi Order despite the lure of the dark side. And with so little training.

For me it has always been a constant battle. Don't you find it difficult at all? You make it seem so easy. Or is that only an illusion?

You don't? Sometimes I find that it is nearly all I can think of. I have never found the Jedi training easy to master.

I've always struggled for control over my passions. I've always been too quick to anger, too quick to get involved. My instructors constantly berated me for it.

I've often dreamed that I might be able to confront Darth Malak myself. I dream I can use all this power I have to kill him and stop all the death and destruction.

I just think about all the evil that the Sith have caused and I... I get so furious. Yet we are told that these feelings are the path to the dark side.

I suppose I do. Part of me thinks that it would be worth anything to vanquish evil, even if it meant giving in to my base emotions.

The very thought that I could become as evil as Malak; I just can't fathom it. It just doesn't seem possible. How could I... no, wait. I'm sorry.

I shouldn't even be asking you this. The Jedi teachings are clear; who am I to question them? And even worse, who am I to try and make you question them?

These are dangerous thoughts, the indulgence of a vain mind. Please, forget I ever mentioned this. Let's just return to our mission.

But what comes next? After using all that power, would you decide to impose your own view on the universe? The dark side corrupts your very thoughts.

I don't know. Would the power I used to kill Darth Malak be too tempting to keep using? Would I become the kind of evil I want to destroy?

That's a relief to hear. I have never found the Jedi path an easy one to walk, and it's good to know I'm not alone.

And that's enough for you? If only it were as easy for me. If only the right path was always clear.

In our time together I've been watching you. I've seen your tendency towards giving in to your darker emotions. You do as you please, for the most part.

Don't worry, this isn't a lead-up to a lecture. I'm... fascinated by your passion, by how easily it comes to you.

You seem to do whatever you want, something I would never dare consider. Don't you fear the consequences?

That... that's a relief to hear. That you would even be willing to risk so much is... is very brave. Braver than I could be.

Is it? The thought of what could happen to me if I lose control... somehow I think life could be very long, indeed.

I doubt my old Master would approve of your advice. Besides, I'm not like you. I must always be on guard against such outbursts.

Don't even start with that. You're the one who asked. I wasn't even going to say anything. But now that you've brought it up, I see I shouldn't have waited as long as I have.

I do. I have been trying to come up with the best way to say this for some time, but I suppose I should just come out and say it.

The truth is, I have come to depend on you. Not just for the sake of the mission, but for my own sake as well. I am... I am glad you are with us.

Did I? I am trying to be sincere, here. It occurred to me that I may have been too critical of you. Too demanding, at times.

I know my manner can be a bit taciturn. I know you must be getting sick of my lectures about the dark side and... and everything else.

I spent all my years being hounded by my instructors. Being told so often how gifted and important I was until I was sick of it.

I remember when I was younger I used to swear that I would never become as self-absorbed and stodgy as the Jedi Masters. It's ironic, really.

Yes, well... there's no need for you to agree so whole-heartedly.

Being controlled has kept everyone around me at an arm's length; even those like yourself who are most in need of my understanding and compassion.

But maybe it's time to change that. You deserve to know how much I respect and admire you. I thought... I just thought I should tell you.

Well, that was not nearly so difficult as I feared. Thank you for hearing me out. I feel... I feel much better.

I suppose not. But I am becoming like that, though it's not easy for me to admit.

That's kind of you to say, but I know for myself that it's not really true.

I see. Is there nothing I can do to make it up to you? I would rather we were friends.

I... you know I can't feel that way about you. About any man. It isn't permitted. I am a Jedi, I must resist these temptations.

But I still want to consider you a friend. We could... we could never be anything more, though. That... that isn't allowed.

What? But I... alright. Have it your way, if that's what you'd prefer. We needn't talk further.

I am trying my best. You are not making this easy for me, you know.

Now you're teasing me. You know very well what I said.

Well, yes. Surely that is not so surprising.

No, I'm not. Why must you make this so difficult for me? Can't you just accept a simple compliment?

Why? I could not accomplish this on my own, I need the aid of others - especially one who is strong in the Force. The bond between us made you a natural choice.

I admit, there were times that I wondered if this is more than just a mission to stop Malak. There were times when I wondered if this was also a way for the Council to test my own abilities.

You must learn to trust in the wisdom of the Council. Your destiny will come in its appointed time. You mustn't be so impatient.

Only a question? Meaning I should ignore the subtle accusations in your questions?

  • Must* you be so frustrating? I admit, I had a moment of foolish pride. But I'm over it. Now I am focused on my true responsibilities.

I am simply trying to help you and complete this mission, and yet you battle me at every turn!

I started it? You were the one who brought up the issue of the Council! You were the one who questioned our mission! You're the one who mocked me for thinking I was being tested!

Perhaps the Council is relying a lot on our bond and my visions. Perhaps they are desperate. Does that make you feel better, knowing that?

Fun?! Fun?! Driving me insane is your idea of a good time?

I must admit: I simply don't know how to deal with someone like you.

You... you are a very odd man, do you know that? I simply don't know how to deal with you. All I want to do is help you, but you seem determined to drive me mad.

Oh, if only it were that easy...

I don't know if I should be outraged that you keep joking about serious matters, or if I should be grateful that you can always lighten the mood.

Unfortunately it isn't as easy as that. But your point is well taken.

Come on, come, let's move on... there's much to be done.

I do. I've been watching you. Studying you closely to see what kind of progress you have made since your training at the hands of Master Zhar.

I've seen you give in to temptation and indulge your baser emotions on many occasions. I'm afraid you are on the path that leads to the dark side.

Regardless, it is not too late for that to change. You must continue to work on your control, lest the dark side overwhelm you.

You need to see what the dark side represents in its entirety, for it is what we battle. Only the wisdom of a Jedi Master can truly explain this, but I will do my best to make you understand.

The dark side is not simply giving in to anger or temptation to use the Force to destructive ends. These things only lead to the dark side.

The dark side grows stronger and more insidious the closer you draw to it. It begs you to surrender to it, to release all its terrible power... and it becomes harder and harder to resist.

And once you stop resisting, it is too late. It twists you up inside and... and turns you into a mockery of everything you once stood for.

You say you understand, but I'm afraid you are taking this too lightly. The power of the dark side can be... alluring.

We need only to look at the atrocities which have been committed by those under its sway to understand the terrible, corrupting evil of the dark side.

Millions dead, and far more suffering. What sort of person would you have to become to perform such deeds gladly?

And that is why the dark side is so insidious. If you are not careful, you do not even see each small step you take towards it until it is too late.

It is so easy to think that we would never fall prey to such a horror; that we have unlimited control, vigilance and foresight. If only that were true.The Sith have become powerful because there are many Jedi who have succumbed to the lure of the dark side and joined their cause.

What greater weapon is there than to turn an enemy to your cause? To use their own knowledge against them?

We are weakened while they are strengthened. So we must harden our hearts and do whatever is required to fight against the dark side. Even when the battle becomes wearying.

No, I suppose not. I have spoken more than enough of the dark side. It is up to you whether you heed my words or not.

I don't know. The vision of our future is clouded by shadows cast from the dark side. But I sense something ominous lurking in those shadows.

But words alone cannot save one from the dark side. Come, we should continue with the task at hand. When the time comes I only hope we are all strong enough to do what we must.

And how adept must one become at making excuses for one's actions, if suffering is the result? How long before you stop making excuses at all?

Neither do I, and I hope I never do.

One who serves the light side does not strike down an innocent. We take arms against the dark side and the injustice that follows it only.

I am no less resistant to temptation than any other. I simply have the benefit of training that you do not. But even the training of the Jedi might not be enough to save us.

I know as much as any other Jedi because I face it every day. It is vital that you understand what the dark side represents, for it is what we must battle.

We must, for all our sakes. If you had the proper training under a true Master you would know all this. But because of our mission, I must be the one to try and help you understand.

I've seen how you have resisted many temptations and continue to walk the path of the light side. Very commendable, but I'm afraid you might stray from this path.

Yes, I suppose I can understand your curiosity, given the bond that connects us. Very well, I'll tell you a bit about myself.

Did you not know this? I have gone through most of the training that a regular Jedi would. I have simply not completed the final tests.

The Battle Meditation ability I possess is a rare and powerful one, however... and it was sorely needed enough that my training was interrupted.

I have never lied. Regardless, the fact remains that I have received considerably more training than you.

I was found to be strong with the Force at a young age, as most Padawans are. As a girl I was given to the Order to be trained.

When I joined the Order I left my family on Talravin, as all Padawans do. My family is still there, the last that I heard. I have had little contact with them, as it is discouraged.

Relationships with family members are fraught with powerful emotions. Such extremes are to be avoided. Anger and hate are the worst, but even love can lead to folly.

Like all who join the Order, I have learned to embrace the life I have chosen. I had to let go of my attachments to my family.

It can be a hard lesson to learn. I was not on good terms with all of my family, but I do remember missing my father terribly for a very long time.

You were the one who asked to know more about me! Very well, if you have changed your mind then I suppose we should just get back to our mission.

A child is too young to understand the sacrifices that must be made. It is better if they have no contact with their family once they are removed.

Not all Jedi follow that policy. Some even take husbands or wives and enjoy the love they have. Most often that is not the case.

Once I was older I realized the wisdom of this policy. A Jedi must do what is needed, personal desires notwithstanding. Love can only obscure and confuse the matter.

You do not understand. Some sacrifices are... harder than others.

Even a Jedi cannot always control the feelings of the heart. We must do our best to guard against it, no matter what the cost. But some sacrifices are harder than others.

Some sacrifices are... harder than others.

I... I do not wish to discuss this anymore. I would rather return to our mission.

Very close. I was only a little girl when I left my family, but I still remember him fondly. He was kind and gentle and doted on me. My mother, however, was different.

I was not on good terms with my mother. I was only a little girl when I left, but I was old enough to resent her and the way she treated my father.

She pushed my father into treasure hunting. I spent all my young life on ships traveling from one false lead to the next.

She whittled away my father's entire fortune, and I hated her for it. I think she was relieved to give me to the Jedi, but my father was heartbroken.

The gift of the Force comes with a high cost. Sacrifice of one's emotional attachments is one of the prices a Jedi must be willing to pay. The alternative is to fall prey to the dark side.

Please, you mustn't say things like that. The dark side is destruction and chaos, the opposite of all that gives the universe order and purpose. You have to understand this.

And you need to be more mindful of your responsibilities! Have you any idea of the danger a fallen Jedi represents? Not only to yourself, but to others as well?

Oh, yes, because you know your way so well, do you? Let us speak no more, then, since you are so independent.

That is something every Jedi should be afraid of. Emotional entanglements can be dangerous. They can impair rational thought, they can lead to outbursts of uncontrolled emotion. A Jedi must be above such things.

Yes, I did. I wanted to speak to you about our mission. About what lies ahead for us. It seems fate, or the Force, is driving us into a confrontation with the Dark Lord.

There is no need to be angry. Some would believe that I have not been cautious enough, considering your natural power and lack of training.

Meaning that it is more important that we work together. You were, after all, accepted by the Jedi Council.

I should not have been so quick to underestimate you. You are neither unskilled nor a novice... you are a talented individual who has proven to be both skilled and resourceful.

I focused exclusively on matters that you have little control over, and that was a mistake. I believe your presence here is important.

As you say. You said you had a question for me?

I... would rather not discuss that, at the moment. Perhaps another time.

No... wait. Forgive me. This is difficult for me, but there is something you have to hear.

You must prepare yourself for when we face Malak. The confrontation will be difficult for you. I remember how hard it was when I first faced Revan.

Such as?

It's true that, due to my Battle Meditation, I was with the Jedi strike team that boarded Revan's ship. We did not kill Revan, however.

Our mission was to capture Revan, if possible. It was Malak who turned on his own master, firing upon Revan's ship while we were still on board it.

It was his desire to kill us and his master both. Thankfully we narrowly escaped the vessel as it exploded.

True, I suppose. And yet the outcome of that battle was... unexpected. To all of us. Revan's end was... unforeseen.

As I said, we were there to capture Revan alive. The Jedi do not believe in killing their prisoners. No one deserves execution, no matter what their crimes.

Remember that Revan and Malak were once great Jedi. Heroes in every sense of the word. They demonstrate the danger of the dark side to us all.

I'm sorry. We really shouldn't speak of this anymore. The memory of my confrontation with Revan is... painful. Let's return to the mission, please.

I have had time to ponder my actions. I am often quick to judge... a fault my master points out frequently.

It was a simple apology, that's all. You said you had a question for me?

I do. How did you know?

You may attempt to be humurous, if you wish, but the matter is a serious one.

I am a Jedi. I am far too disciplined to betray my emotions with outward physical displays. We both know the real reason you have some idea of what I am thinking: the bond we share.

A... a kinrath pup?! It most certainly is not!

I am a Jedi, remember? I have far too much mental discipline to reveal what goes on inside my mind with such obvious physical clues.

I see. I, myself, have little trouble sensing your strength with the Force through our bond.

Why do you still try to deny the existence of this bond between us? Like it or not, we are linked... as our shared vision of the Star Map proved.

Our connection allows us glimpses into each other's mind. We can feel some of what the other feels. And what I feel within you troubles me.

A Padawan must receive considerable training. They must learn to control their emotions and darker impulses. Often it takes years before using the Force can be considered safe.

The fact that you are so strong in the Force and have had such relatively little training could have terrible consequences. For you, and for everyone around you.

I don't think there is much you can do. If things were different I would recommend several years of training under one of the Jedi Masters. But I fear that won't be possible.

Thankfully you have exhibited a degree of compassion and self-control up to this point. I sincerely hope you can maintain these traits in the future.

We must all resist the influence of the dark side! It is everything we are fighting against! This is doubly important for you, with your natural affinity for the Force!

That is good to hear. Without the proper training, however, I'm afraid you will find the path difficult even with the best of intentions. There is great danger ahead, for both of us.

Our destinies are intertwined. Everything one of us does will have consequences for the other. Any reckless behavior on your part is likely to affect me as well.

I believe you truly mean what you say. For now. But sometimes it is not so easy to keep such promises.

Your power could be a gift or a curse. When you need guidance, or advice, or support I will do my best to help you stay on the path of the light.

No, of course not. Not yet. But there will be challenges ahead that might make it otherwise.

Yes, that is true. I will do my best to guide you, but I am no Master. Not yet. And there are times when I find the sheer strength of your power almost overwhelming.

That's not true. I am worried about myself, but also about you. I would rather see neither of us come to any harm.

I am not trying to harass you. But you must understand the trials and perils that lie ahead. For you, and for me.

I'm sorry if I come across as harsh. But I am concerned. For you, for our mission. And for myself, as well.

Already you exhibit the kind of willfullness, erratic behavior and lack of compassion that will lead you to corruption.

No? Self-control is a maxim for all Jedi. It is what gives us the strength to resist the dark side. All who have fallen from our Order have shown a flagrant disregard for such control.

This is not a joke! The choices you make could affect both our destinies, not to mention the fate of the Republic and the entire galaxy! There is much at stake.

No, not bothering me. Not exactly. I've been thinking about what the Jedi Council said about the two of us. There is a bond between us, I do not dispute that. I can feel it, as I'm sure you can. The nature of that bond and its effect on our mission remain in question.

Our fates are strongly connected; so connected that a literal bond has been forged between us.

I saw your service records when you were transferred aboard the Endar Spire, but nothing beyond that. I know very little about you. I'd like to ask you some questions, given our relationship.

I was referring to the bond we share; the one the Jedi Council spoke of. If I actually was interested in you, rest assured I could come up with a better approach than this!

Your records spoke of your skills only... nothing of you. If we are to share this bond, I would like to know more. Would you... answer some questions?

Just a few questions about your background. Nothing intrusive, I assure you.

Why would you refuse to answer? These are simple questions, nothing too intrusive. First, what kind of background do you have?

I see. I didn't mean to upset you, but I suppose it was inevitable. You've had a lot to absorb since we escaped Taris. I apologize.

Good. First, what sort of background do you have?

I see you intend to be childish about this. I guess I won't get anywhere continuing our discussion right now, will I?

Good. On which planet were you born?

Excellent. Your current age is?

Yes, well... The truth is I was studying *how* you responded to my questions. Your reactions help me judge you; this was a test for me to learn more about your character.

You were honest, which is good. And you treated this as a serious matter, which it is. This bond we share will shape both our destinies, it is not to be taken lightly.

Would you prefer it if I did?

Then I would hope a polite request would be enough to acquire co-operation.

You needn't be obstinate. I merely intend to ask some questions about your background, nothing intrusive.

There is no need to get upset over the matter. You could just as easily have been transferred aboard any other ship in the fleet, correct?

The fact that you were aboard the Endar Spire and survived the space battle should be a relief, I would think. Now, about my questions...

UNKNOWN The crew was competent enough without meddling from the Jedi, Bastila, I'm quite sure.

Yet had I not done so, you would have had no assistance on Taris. Consider that.

BASTILA Deny it if you will, but there is a connection between us. I understand why you would find this disturbing. I have my own reservations about it, to be honest.

Necessary, perhaps, but it is no guarantee of our success. I admit, I'm a little disturbed that such a bond could be possible in the first place.

I am not looking at you in any fashion.

As you wish. I am curious about something, however, and perhaps you can clarify the matter for me.

Very well. I have been curious about something, and perhaps you can clarify the matter for me.

You needn't be snide about it. Since you bring the matter up, I have been curious about something.

I would like to know what happened after you crashed on Taris. I'm curious as to what you and Carth were doing before we all joined forces.

Because I wish to know what happened. Why do you require another reason?

Whether you like my questions or not is irrelevant. You will answer.

I am not the one who is being 'touchy', now, am I? Answer the question.

Yes, I realize that of course. But surely there was more to it than a simple search. I doubt there were flashing signs pointing you in my direction; yet somehow you found me.

Yes... well. I hardly consider myself a damsel in distress. I'm a member of the Jedi Order, after all. But I won't deny you've impressed me with what you've done.

When you were chosen to join this mission, I doubt any of us expected this much from you. A Jedi could have done such things, of course. But only by drawing heavily upon the Force.

You... will?

I... of course not. Perhaps my questions are not necessary after all. It seems, however, that I shall have to keep a very close eye on you. A *very* close eye.

Maintain your cavalier attitude if you wish. This mission is too important to be left to chance.

You are reading too much into this. I simply refuse to leave anything about this mission to chance.

My 'problem' is none of your concern. I simply do not desire to leave anything about this mission to chance.

We shall continue this discussion later, perhaps. For now, let us continue with the task before us.

I see. You intend to be difficult, then, do you?

Very well. I shall be forced to keep a very close eye on you, then. A *very* close eye.

I am in command of this mission, according to the Jedi Council. Will you answer or not?

CARTH I don't think an interrogation is required, here. Nobody asked to be stranded on Taris or be forced into helping you, Bastila.

BASTILA I don't remember asking for your opinion on this matter, Carth.

CARTH Hmph. Seems to me that maybe some Jedi princesses could use more time in captivity to improve their perspective.

BASTILA Your objection is noted, Carth, but I still require answers... and I shall get them.

I managed to free myself, as I recall. In fact, if I hadn't been there Brejik and his thugs might have killed you in that fight. It's probably more accurate to say that I rescued you.

I escaped during the battle, which would have happened regardless. I also aided you during that fight, although I have no need to constantly remind you of it.

I'll admit that I probably wouldn't have been able to free myself if not for the brawl after the swoop race. I guess I should thank you for that, at least.

It is pointless to argue the matter. I still wish to know what happened before that incident.

It was less of a dream and more of a vision... a vision the two of us shared. But I am certainly willing to answer any questions the Jedi Council did not.

As you wish. We really should return our thoughts to business, anyway.

With luck we will.

I would rather not rely on such visions to guide us, but when we have so little else to go on and the galaxy hangs in the balance...

And are you so certain that it is not you in my dreams?

Regardless of which it is, our fates are linked... the vision was doubtless meant for us both.

I see. That is most likely vanity speaking, for I am not certain, myself. Regardless, our fates are linked... the vision was no doubt meant for us both.

I have no idea. It was obviously important, however. That is why we must investigate this further.

Perhaps because we desired to. Perhaps because they came to this planet and were strong enough in the Force to leave a... a trace.

And what else should we dream about except that which is most important to our fate?

They did something important here, of that I am certain. It may be simply that we are sensitive to that event. Or it may not.

That would not be my first choice, either, but choice appears to be irrelevant in this matter.

We dreamed about Revan and Malak either because we were meant to or because we needed to. There is no other way to look at it.

Are you wondering why we shared the vision? Or why we even received it in the first place?

To the first I can only repeat the answer that the Council gave us. Our fates are linked, and for two as strong as we are in the Force that amounts to a near-physical bond.

As to the second, I don't truly have an answer for you. The Force works as it will, and perhaps we should be grateful for what we have been given.

I... I don't know. Believe me, I certainly don't find the prospect of being joined to you enjoyable in any fashion.

The Force often seems to cause events that bend the laws of probability, especially with those that are strongly affiliated with it.

In this respect, you and I will simply have to become accustomed to such 'convienience'. We are the tools of the Force and we will do as it wills.

There is no evidence one way or the other. What you believe the Force to be ultimately will decide who you are.

What would you like to know?

Quite the contrary. Ours is the ultimate free will. The Force is our destiny, but the choices we make along it are ultimately our own.

The Force does not compel obedience. You have a destiny, but the choices you make along it are ultimately your own.

Then perhaps the sooner we see to our destiny the sooner that we can proceed on our separate paths. That seems the logical solution, no?

Please forgive me. I did not mean to imply that you were repulsive in any sense of the word. That we shared something so personal is just not something I'm used to.

Yes, but I don't feel any better. After all my training, I would have thought myself above such anger.

For it to come so easily disturbs me greatly. I don't need a holocron to remember my father, and I will never see Mother again.

Have I learned nothing? It... no, I don't want to talk about this. Thank you, but I must think about what I have done.

Yes. That brought me a lot of peace. More than I thought it would have.

Thank you for urging me towards it. After all my training, I would have thought it would have been easier. Apparently I still have much to learn.

I can try. What would you like me to recall?

I shall do my best. Calm your mind and remember...

I shall do my best. Calm your mind and remember...

I shall do my best. Calm your mind and remember...

I shall do my best. Calm your mind and remember...

There's nothing I could say that would be helpful, I'm afraid.

Korriban is a sparsely populated planet controlled by the Sith. It feels... wrong. There is an old evil here that permeates the Force.

Kashyyyk is a planet where most of what you see is actually foliage that has grown to enormous heights. No one has ever been to the true surface of the planet below.

Tatooine is a dry planet that has not been inhabited long and has little law. This town of Anchorhead may be its only settlement.

Manaan is a water world inhabited by an aquatic race known as the Selkath. Their only surface city and spaceport is called Ahto.

It is unique in that the Selkath are firm in their neutrality. They are neither part of the republic nor controlled by the Sith, and they wish to keep it that way.

Dantooine is a peaceful and pastoral planet. There are few large communities. Mostly what you will find here are ranchers and farmers.

I find it a tranquil place like few in the galaxy. The perfect site for the Jedi enclave. You will like it here.

The surface of Taris is covered with an urban skyscrape. Its glittering spires belie the decay that lies in its lower reaches, however.

Beyond that, there is little else I can tell you.

How can I help?

Hmm? Sorry, I am just thinking about my mother. It is strange to hear news after all this time. It is quite distracting.

Should we have the opportunity, I would like to find her on Tatooine. There is only one small colony there; it should not be difficult.

It's not that I look forward to seeing her, I just can't help but wonder what she wants. But... perhaps we have better things to do.

How can I help?

About my mother? I am unsure. I seem to find it difficult to remain objective when it comes to her. I find that... disturbing.

You're probably right. There are more important things to do. Mother can wait.

I told you that my mother and I never got along. Obviously that has not changed.

And now Father is dead. That... leaves a hurt inside, you just can't imagine. I haven't seen him in so long...

I have my doubts as to whether she's actually sick.

Mother used to lie about many things to get her way. She is a selfish woman who pushed my father into doing what she wished.

Yes, I... thought I had let go of that anger. All my training, and it comes back so quickly...

I don't want to talk about this any more. Let's... keep going.

Do you think I should?

I find myself agreeing with you, but I don't like how that feels.

I'll think about it. I should... try and remember my training. I should be able to let go of this, but I can't.

I would like to keep something to remember Father as much as she would.

That would just lead into another argument. How I always despised talking to her.

We have more important things to do. Still... my father is dead. Just because we find the holocron doesn't mean I have to give it to her.

Yes... maybe. I don't feel good about it, still.

It does, doesn't it? I can't seem to help myself.

I don't know. Part of me would keep it just so she didn't get it. I don't like that part of me.

I would have thought my Jedi training would have put me past this kind of pettiness. I wish... I really don't want to think about this.

Please, let's just keep going.

Father recorded all his personal thoughts in that holocron even when I knew him. Having it would be like having him with you.

I don't see why she deserves it, however. She drove him to his death. I loved him... and I didn't even have a chance to say goodbye.

I feel the end of our quest is near. Soon we will discover the location of the Star Forge; though what will happen next is... uncertain.

I've been watching you. I've seen you give in to temptation and indulge your baser emotions on many occassions. I'm afraid you are on the path that leads to the dark side.

I've been watching you. I've seen how you have resisted great temptations and continue to walk the path of the light side. Very commendable.

The path of the light is a difficult one to walk. We might not even see the shadows until we are surrounded and can never find our way back.

My role in what you will become is a small one. I can only give you the warnings taught to me by my own master, ultimately it is your own actions that will decide your fate.

I know we have not spoken often during our time together, despite my best efforts. And to this point I have respected your privacy. But there is something we must discuss.

No, this cannot wait any longer. You have no understanding of what we are going up against; I will not allow you to go in unprepared!

REVAN Never mind.

Do you have something you want to say to me, Bastila?

Why? What do you think will happen to you?

So what does this mean for us?

And I feel more alive when I'm with you.

I can't promise that. Who knows what will happen?

I'll see things through, I promise.

When we last talked you said you needed time to think. So?

Yes, I think so.

What are you talking about?

I really don't want to hear this...

What is it supposed to be like?

What are you trying to say, exactly?

Oh? I think I need some physical proof of that...

Sorry, Bastila. That starship won't fly. I'm not interested.

Oh. When will you know for sure?

Are you interested in me or in my ability to use the Force?

But I don't feel anything for you, Bastila.

You could leave, if you had to.

You make it sound like a death sentence.

No. Nothing.

It doesn't matter. Nothing can come of it.

Yes, I think so.

No, I suppose not.

I'd like to talk about what you said before. About giving in to your emotions.

Oh, get over yourself, already.

No, I disagree!

Why do you say that?

Oh? You see that, too? I don't need you anymore.

You're doing your best, I'm sure.

So what now?

You're being too hard on yourself.

Maybe we could help each other?

How did you expect me to be?

I don't need your help, anyway. I can find my own way.

You're curious about something?

Go ahead.

I don't think about it much.

It sounds like you have your own demons to face.


I think destroying that kind of evil would be worth it.

Are you saying you don't believe in the corruption of the dark side?

It's a struggle for me, sometimes.

I just do what I think is right.

Maybe a little, sure.

Life's too short to be afraid.

No. You should try it yourself, sometime.

Do I have a choice?

You look like you have something to say.

You made that sound very painful for you to admit.

Thank you. I appreciate the gesture.

Don't forget edgy, critical and overly secretive.

I'm glad you did.

We'll see.

Great, you've had your say. Now leave me alone - for good!

Maybe, but you don't need to be like that.

Nonsense. You're not self-absorbed or stodgy.

Too little, too late. Sorry.

I'd like that, I suppose.

Oh? How close a friend would you like to be?

Forgive me if I don't trust your motives, exactly.

Then leave me alone. For good.

Friends? You could have fooled me.

Just leave me alone... for good.

  • May* have been?

And when have you ever made things easy for me?

Your compliments need some work, I think.

What was that? I think I'm going deaf. You better say it again.

It's just that you sounded so pained saying it.

I'm still reeling from the shock. Was that a compliment?

Is that a compliment? From you?

You're kidding, right?

Fine. Thank you for the thought.

You can keep your thanks. I don't need it... or you.

Maybe I was just distracted by the grudging manner in which it was given.

Why did the Council send me with you on this mission?

And that's it? That's enough reason for you to accept all this?

I get the feeling that there's more going on than I know.

It was only a question. Can't I be curious?

Why not? I ignore them in yours.

What subtle accusations?

Oh, great. Another lecture. This never gets old.

Me? You're the one who thought this was her big audition for 'Masterhood'!

Hey, you started this.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Look... you either know the answer or you don't.

And if I don't believe you?

Maybe a little bit.

What can I say? It's fun.

Lighten up. I'm only joking.

Hey, you brought this on yourself.

Careful. Remember your self-control.

Maybe you shouldn't try.

Complain all you want, but I know you love it.

You could try being straight with me, for once.

I'm not so bad. You just have to learn to accept me for what I am.

I just don't trust the Council and their motives.

It just seems odd they would send me off without a Master to guide me.

You wish to talk to me?

What? You've been grading me?

My progress?

What are you trying to tell me?

Stop with the dramatics, already, I get the picture.

How can you know it is so terrible?

I couldn't see myself ever doing such things.

Must we keep discussing this?

Do whatever is required? Such as?

Perhaps it's just the reasoning for those acts you don't accept.

I don't know.

Are you saying the light side is innocent of killing?

You seem to know that temptation very well.

What do you know about it?

We're not going to go over this again, are we?

I'd like to know more about you, Bastila.

What?! You're not even a Jedi?

And yet you act like a Jedi...

Tell me how you joined the Jedi, then.

So the Jedi separates children from their families?

Discouraged? Why?

Don't you miss your family at all?

That must have been difficult.

I don't need to hear the family history, thanks.

Are you saying you no longer feel love?

But if a Jedi were to love, surely it wouldn't be all bad.

You sound very sad when you say that.

You and your father were close?

Who weren't you on good terms with?

That sounds idiotic. I would never agree to that.

Why wouldn't you be allowed to love?

And what's so wrong with that?

You need to lighten up.

It just seems wrong not to be allowed to love.

I don't need you reminding me, I assure you.

Sounds like you're the one afraid of falling.

You aren't allowed to love?

You don't sound very convinced.

You wanted to speak to me?

That's not the half of it!

Meaning what?

Thank you.

I'd like to know what you do about this mission.

Okay, forget I asked anything.

Oh, great. I never get tired of hearing how you killed Darth Revan.

Let me ask something else, then.

Nothing. Never mind.

Is it true you killed Darth Revan?

So who killed Revan, then?

But killing Revan is what you're famous for.

That's not what I heard.

But you would have killed Revan eventually, right?

What else did you expect from the Sith?

So Malak did your job for you.

Tell me what you know about the dark side.

So just why have you been so hard on me since we met?

Why the sudden change of tune?

And that's it? All is forgiven?

You have something you want to ask me?

I don't know. It seemed time for another interrogation?

Educated guess, from the way you keep staring.

Well... your face is all scrunched up like a kinrath pup.


No, I doubt it.

What do you mean?

What do you think I should do?

I will try.

I won't do anything to hurt you.

I doubt I'll be a risk to the mission.

I would appreciate any help you could offer.

I don't need your help.

It works both ways, doesn't it? You could help me stay strong.

So you're just worried about yourself, then.

I don't need you harassing me, thanks.

Why are you getting so upset?

I don't think mastering my emotions is necessary.

You could warn me when I do something bad. Blink once for dark side, twice for light.

You look like something's bothering you.

I still don't understand this bond of ours.

Our relationship? Is this some kind of clumsy come-on?

What sort of questions?

Forget it. I'm not interested.

Fine, fine, ask your questions.

Nothing with the Jedi is ever simple.

I'm sick of answering questions!

Alright, ask away.

I'm a Hutt in human form plotting to overthrow the Republic.

Nothing extravagant. I'm a soldier.

I was a scout. The fleet recruited me for my skills.

I was a smuggler before I joined the fleet.

Kashyyyk. I'm a Wookiee... can't you tell?

Deralia. It's in a remote system. Why?

3,012. Healthy living, you know.

Alright, I've had enough.

Wasn't all this in my service records?

And what did you find out?

You're not going to demand answers this time?

No, of course not.

Why not? My answer would be the same.

Wait a minute... I have you to blame for being on that ship?

I don't believe in this 'bond', regardless of what the Jedi Council said.

Doesn't the bond mean my presence is necessary?

You want to talk to me about something?

Good. Let's keep it that way.

If you have something to say, just say it.

Well, gosh, it must just be my overactive imagination.

Why do you want to know?

Because I don't like being interrogated.

I don't. No need to be touchy about it.

So I know exactly what you're looking for.

We were looking for you.

And rescued the damsel in distress. Don't forget that.

I'll be happy to answer whatever questions you have.

You're surprised?

Whatever makes you happy, I guess.

What did I do to deserve this?

Look, I don't know what your problem is...

Sorry, I have better things to do.

No more difficult than you.

Hey! Just who do you think you are, anyway?

Before we rescued you, you mean.

Have it your way, then.

You didn't escape the Black Vulkars until we arrived, as I recall.

Can't you just admit that you were rescued?

You just did!

I want to talk about that dream.

Never mind.

Do you think we will receive more of these visions?

I'm not sure I like the idea of you being in my dreams.

I suppose that's possible.

Pretty certain, yes.

What do you think Malak and Revan were doing?

Why did we dream of Malak and Revan?

Isn't it a bit convenient to dream about our enemies?

What do you mean by a 'trace'?

Well, I certainly didn't want to dream about them.

I still don't understand why we shared this 'vision'.

But how did our fates become linked?

It just seems a little... convenient.

You make the Force sound alive.

That's all I wanted to know.

I have another question.

We have no free will of our own, then?

Not me! I do what I want.

Believe me, the feeling is mutual.

Well, thanks a lot.

So you kept the holocron.

So do you feel better now?

Can you show me one of the visions again?

The vision we had on Tatooine.

The vision we had on Kashyyyk.

The vision we had on Manaan.

The vision we had on Korriban.

Do you know anything about this place?

Do you want to talk?

Do you want to talk?

I don't think we have time to go searching for anything.

She certainly seemed to upset you.

Why didn't you ask about her sickness?

Why would she lie about it?

You sound bitter.

Are you going to give the holocron to her?

Probably not. She doesn't deserve it.

Do you need it more than she does?

You might want to consider it.

You don't think we should look for the holocron?

Maybe you're right.

That sounds a bit selfish.

You'd keep it for yourself?

Why do you think she wants it so badly?

I'm sorry, Bastila. I will try to do better.

I don't need a lecture from you. Not now, not ever.

Don't worry. The dark side has no sway over me.

I couldn't have done it without your help.

I don't want to talk to you! Can't you take a hint?

Not now, Bastila.

Fine. What is it?