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I have a bunch of books entitled "star wars adventures (by scholastic) that I would like to add to my timeline. But I can't find where they go...

I tried to edit the timeline of books but was told I doubled it up...yet...I still don't see these books. (that person said they are at 33 bby).

The titles are #1 Hunt the Sun Runner #2 The Cavern of Screaming Skulls #3 the Hostage Princess #4 Jango Fett vs the Razor Eaters, #5 the shape shifter strikes and #6 the Warlords of Balmorra.

The person who "corrected" my entry chooses not to recieve e-mail so I can't ask directly.

The pictures on the front of the book were taken from the second movie, if that helps any. Also, I'm sure there are more in the series, but I don't have them.

Thank you so much for helping this newbie out.


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