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I was thinking of adding a page on The Equilibrium Knights of Wanderhome. It is an organization of jedi on star wars galaxies that have dozens of followers, and even an academy and council, with weekly meetings. It says in the rules for fanon it is not allowed unless it made a major impact and this has made a pretty big impact, I feel I can say that because the Grand Master of the Jedi Order left the jedi to join the equilibrium knights. I just want some opinions before I start to see what you all think first, as the community should make the decisions, it would not be my place to start an entire article on something others disagree on.

  • Completley and utterly fanon. --RedemptionTalk Uglykotoricon 23:30, 2 November 2006 (UTC)
  • We do not allow articles on player-created content from SWG, whether it be a player character or a group of players. Sorry. —Silly Dan (talk) 23:38, 2 November 2006 (UTC)

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