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As most of you probably know from his file, or reference books, or even just freeze-framing the DVD, two of the lightsabres General Grievous wields in RotS are exact duplicates of Anakin and Obi-Wan's hilts. Now, I think it's fair to say that these are pretty unique-looking lightsabres, and there's no reason why any other jedi Grevious might have killed for them would have duplicate Skywalker&Kenobi hilt designs, so... what's the deal? Is there any canonical explanation for this? Or a behind-the-scenes one for that matter? I mean, were the animators so lazy (ala the verrrry obviously incomplete digital replacement of of Anakin's hilt with Palpy's own in the latter's duel with Mace) that they just plugged in the most readily-available lightsabre digital models? It just strikes me as so bizzare; in one shot you can clearly see Grievous parrying Obi-Wan with both identical hilts actually in the same close-up shot! The only difference is a green blade in that case. But seriously; how can we resolve this in terms of canon? Ignore it? Assume that Anakin and Obi-Wan both lost their new, post-AotC lightsabres and then subsequently built themselves identical replacements, and that the originals somehow wound up in Grievous' hands? The idea actually isn't as silly as it sounds: Obi-Wan presumably did this after TPM, since he has identical hilts in Eps.I & II and it seems safe to say that he didn't wander down the bottom of that shaft looking for it under Mauly's corpse. Anyone have any thoughts on either score? -PressPass

  • Easter egg, anyone? - Kwenn 16:17, 26 May 2006 (UTC)
    • Seems like a pretty poor excuse for an easter egg too me. Regardless, since it's in a film doesn't it require a canonical explanation?-PressPass
  • Other Jedi copied the hilt style of the two greatest heroes of their time? Best explanation we're likely to get. -- Havac 05:55, 27 May 2006 (UTC)
    • I dunno, that sounds pretty unlikely to me (no offence). I prefer the rebuilding duplicates idea. Like he says, It's the only plausible explanation for why Kenobi has the same sabre in Episode II when he clearly lost it in Episode I, so it could easily apply in Episode III. DarthBinks.

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