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Though not exactly blaring with controversy, there have been some questions here concerning whether game guides have any sort of canon about them, particularly with a certain KOTOR 2 hint book. This has been lightly discussed on Talk:Vrook Lamar, Talk:Zez-Kai Ell, Talk:Aurek-class tactical strikefighter, and regular A-wing military fighter (Galactic Republic). In the first two articles, the guide establishes that the two masters have perfected a specific lightsaber form each, while the game itself proves that they are adept at other lightsaber forms and Force meditations (depending on the Exile's class and order of planets visited). The "A-wing" article apparently seems to take its name from a few sentences of the guide that suggest the player "destroy all six A-Wings", or something of that sort. I mean, are OOU game walkthroughs actually valid canon fodder?

"C-canon is "common" or pretty much everything in the Expanded Universe: Star Wars books, comics, games, cartoons, non-theatrical films, and more. Games are a special case as generally only the stories are C-canon while things like stats and gameplay may not be (they also offer non-canonical options to the player, like choosing female gender to a canonically male character). C-canon elements have been known to appear in the movies, thus making them G-canon."
Star Wars canon[src]

There is the "and more" phrase that opens possibilities, but, as others have pointed out on the talk pages, I see nothing here about OOU game guides. Especially since the information in question contradicts what is given in the KOTOR 2 game itself and other sources on A-Wing origin. Is there any indication that game guides are canon? -BaronGrackle 19:05, 16 August 2006 (UTC)

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