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I am less than pleased with how we have divided the different Force Organizations by category. The article containing them has some organizations listed under various [[1]], and others in the main list, without regards to their notability. The Reborn and Krath are presented in the main list, while the Legions of Lettow is delegated to the various list. Also, the distincion between an independent organization and sub-organizations of one are slightly blurred. I find there are frankly too many lists around, and they deviate from each other. My suggestion, on top of my head, is to make one huge list of independent organizations, nothing too small as long as they are independent, and rename Category:Sith organizations [[2]] and Category:Jedi organizations [[3]] into Category:Jedi Sub-divsions and Category:Sith Sub-divisions respectively, or something to that effect. The current organization-label makes things extremely confusing. And we cannot simply have a list [[4]] of dark side organizations, and none for the light or gray ones. Im not quite sure how to go about this, or what specifically I'm complaining about, but I just find the current categories to be as much a source of confusion as they are help.DarthMRN 02:17, 13 January 2007 (UTC)

  • And more: How do we properly categorize Palpatines different Darksiders? They are not separate organizations, by and large, but they cannot be said to be Sith sub-divisions either. So blurry, these lines are...DarthMRN 02:42, 13 January 2007 (UTC)
    • And the Nightsisters, should they be considered a separate organization, or rahter a sub-division of the Witches of Dathomir? If they are separate, we would need to list each clan as an independent organization, and I don't know if they qualify. DarthMRN 02:51, 13 January 2007 (UTC)
  • Okay, this is a suggested list of division. It contains tons of stuff that are debatable, but this is regarding categorization. Discussions of content fit elsewhere:

Light-side or neutral independents

Ang-Tii Monks

Baran Do

Bendu Sect

Guardians of Breath

Cerean Ner Yan

Chatos Academy


Followers of Palawa

Jal Shey


Kilian Rangers


Order of Dai Bendu

Nuns of G'aav'aar'oon

Order of Sahasa


Scitrok Warriors

Seyugi Dervishes

Sorcerers of Tund

Theran Listerners


Ancient Order of the Whills

Zeison Sha

Dark-side independents

Bando Gora




Dark Jedi


Jarvashqline shamans


  • Krath Shocktroops

Witches of Dathomir

  • Nightsisters
    • Spiderclan
  • Singing Mountain Clan
  • Frenzied River Clan
  • Misty Falls Clan
  • Red Hills Clan
  • Dreaming River Clan
  • Great Canyon Clan

Order of the Terrible Glare

Prophets of the Dark Side


Legions of Lettow

Dark Side Priests

Sith sub-divisions

Old Sith Empire

  • Sith Council
  • Veeshas Tuwan

Sith Empire (Jedi Civil War)

  • Sith Council


Brotherhood of the Sith

Sith Triumvirate

Brotherhood of Darkness

  • Gloom Walkers

New Sith Empire

  • Sith Council

Order of the Sith Lords

  • Dark Force
  • Fist of the Empire

Disciples of Ragnos

New Sith Order

  • Hands
  • Sith Intelligence and Assassination

Dark Acolytes

Black Knights

Mecrosa Order

True Sith

Imperial sub-divisions

Emperors Hands

Imperial Knights




  • Emperors Eyes
  • Emperors Reach
  • Emperors Hands
  • Emperors Voice

Jedi sub-divisions

Jedi Order

  • Academy of Jedi Archaeology
  • Acquisition Division
  • Jedi Service Corps
    • Agricultural Corps
    • Medical Corps
      • Circle of Jedi Healers
    • EduCorps
    • Exploration Corps
  • Geonosis Strike Team
  • Almas Academy
    • Almas Council
  • Jedi Archives
  • Army of Light
    • Third Legion of Light
    • Farfalla’s Knigths
  • Bear Clan
  • Clam Clan
  • Unnamed Clan
  • Bergruutfa Clan
  • Blue Squadron
  • Red Squadron
  • Gold Squadron
  • Hardpoint Squadron
  • Jedi Covenant
    • Circle
  • Jedi Command
  • Jedi Council
    • High Council
    • Council of First Knowledge
    • Council of Reconciliation
    • Reassignment Council
    • Dantooine Council
  • Great Jedi Library
  • Librarian Assembly
  • Knights of the Force Squad
  • Old Guard
  • Padawan Pack
  • School of Hidden Wisdom
  • Handmaiden Sisters

New Jedi Order

  • Alliance High Council
  • Masters Council
  • Junior Jedi Academy
  • Bantha Clan
  • Katarn Clan
  • Ronto Clan
  • Woodoo Clan
  • Myrkr Strike Team
  • Team Mynock
  • Team Purella
  • Team Slashrat
  • Team Tauntaun
  • Team Womp Rat

Order of the Silver Jedi

Non-organization societal figureheads

Gand Findsmen

Ewok Shamans

Rakata “whatevers”


Sedrian Priests


Kiffar “one-in-a-hundred’s”

Sith shamans?

Iron Knights

Force-sensitive sentient species














The current categories has a number of flaws: 1) Sith and Jedi organizations are sub-categories of Force Organizations. This is a problem since not all Jedi and Sith organizations are Force-sensitive. 2) A number of individuals, faiths without organizations, and similar oddball stuff has snuck into the organization categories. These need to be purged. 3) Minor darkside groups affieliated with the Empire are very hard to classify. Are they Dark Jedi, Sith sub-organizations, or imperial sub-organizations? 4)They are a mess! With small stike teams, temples and libraries placed alongside grand organizations.

My suggestion: Use some variant of the categorization above, where sub-groups and sub-sub-groups are left out of the categories themselves, and rather placed their own sections of the category articles, and if necessary, in appropriate sub-categories for minor stuff. Then we make a category for non-Force-sensitive Jedi and Sith organzations. Basically, we make a load of categories and sub-categories. The way things are now, they are very messy, hard to navigate, and blurry in a lot of places. When the different LucasEnterprises continue to include new ranks, groups and organizations all over the place, we cannot continue to mash them all toghether in a few simple categories. The problem is really the work involved, but since I have already put togheter this list, it shouldn't be too hard to do this myself, with your permission.

And I won't bother to link every damn one of them. But considering our search function, perhaps I have to...DarthMRN 05:41, 13 January 2007 (UTC)

  • We've already had enough problems with that big weapons recategorization that left everything even worse than before. Until that's cleaned up I say no more big category reworking. Kuralyov 05:49, 13 January 2007 (UTC)
    • Understood. But there is nothing stopping me from doing a layout on my user page, is there? If successful and approved, then once things have settled down about this weapon categorization and people have loosened up a bit, it would be much less hassle to just cut and paste than to start from scratch.DarthMRN 00:07, 14 January 2007 (UTC)
      • Feel free. I'm not promising we'll implement it though. —Xwing328(Talk) 04:59, 15 January 2007 (UTC)
        • That was pretty obvious. I'll be more than happy to accommodate changes to get the thing approved, as long as we can at some point see a change of the current patchwork of a category.DarthMRN 08:31, 15 January 2007 (UTC)

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