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CIS LOVERS: BUSTS ON CLONES AND COMPLIMENTS CIS Hello. If you are a clone fan this page is not for you. Clones are insignificant piles of trash. I have loved and studied the confederacy of independant systems sense the second star wars movie was released and the goody goody clones stepped in. before I start there is somthing you should know. The cis are thought of badly, and I try to make some fame for them on sites around the world. The clones would never have won if Anikin had stayed on their side. The droids had quadrillions of battalions spread throughout the galaxy. The clones would have lost sorely because of the sheer numbers of the awesome cis if Vader had not killed their leaders and deactivated the droid armies. The droid have been referred to as mindless and that is rubbish. There is no evidence shown in the movies to label them mindless. They are not Albert Eienstien, but they function quite well in my oppinion.

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