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Honorable members of Wookieepedia, and particularly our valued administrators, your attention please.

Over two weeks ago, a new consensus track was proposed: Forum:Administrator Voting, that would decide administrator policy for Wookieepedia. The track is still active. Currently, there are three plans- 2 new and the original policy- that users can vote for. I'll not go into details here, but significant among the new features is that unanimous administrator votes are no longer required for an adminship to succeed.

This topic has received wide attention on Wookieepedia, receiving more voters than restrictions on user pages or userbox template restrictions, two fairly significant issues. Actually, a total of 44 users (14 of the votes are sysops) have placed their vote. Several others, including at least one more sysop, have posted comments, meaning that they seen the page and could have voted. That's 15 of the 16 sysops, and if my memory serves me correctly, two of them have been absent for a while. Also included are long-time active non-sysop Wookieepedians such as Lt.NOWIS, Adamwankenobi, RMF, Borsk Fey'lya, Jack Nebulax, Sentry, Ozzel, Finlayson, Lorth Needa, Kwenn, and the list goes on.

The current rankings are 4 for one new plan, 8 for the original policy, and 32 for the other new proposed policy. If you look at just the sysop votes, the rankings are 2/9/3. Once again, there is a clear majority for the third plan. I think we have reached a consensus.

I must be frank. I was the original one who set up this CT after seeing a lot of talk in the Senate about it. I have been encouraging people to come out and vote on this. If you check the talk page records, I have not pressured anyone or enlisted just my "friends" to vote, but for everyone. I love democracy. I love Wookieepedia. The proposed changes will in no way directly benefit or harm me in anyway. There has also been much discussion on the CT and I believe it has been productive.

However, I am pretty sure that we have accomplished what we set out to do. The community has voiced its opinion- overwhelmingly. Now, it just remains for us to act. In the sense of fairness, I believe that we should leave the voting open for the rest of the weekend, just in case of last-minute voters. I think this is fair, as a few noted Wookieepedians- QuentinGeorge and Erik Pflueger come to mind, have not yet voted. All of whom I have taken it upon myself to contact, though I have no presence on IRC, which may bias some admins and users against me, but that's okay. Also, one of the admins that has seen the page has not actually voted. But after a few days, and barring a massive upset, I see that there is an overwhelming consensus (on a scale of 4 to 1). Let us start actually write this policy, for the betterment of all of Wookieepedia.

Thank you. Atarumaster88 Jedi Order (Audience Chamber) 02:49, 16 September 2006 (UTC)