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I was going through my brothers old collection of star wars things after I became more than just a person who liked the movies. He had a huge collection. I found some dark horse comics from Europe which contain 2-4 comics in each issue as well as some news about star wars. Two of the three issues I found contain issues of the dark empire series, one also contains issue three of the tales of the Jedi series. I have noticed that one of these issues is volume 1 of this magazine/comic book series and is from october 1992. It is a monthly series. I'm hoping some one knows if this a specific series from Europe or is just how all europe star wars comics are, the name of this series, how long they were being produced, and any other information. They also contain some articles most of which are about the dark side and the power of the darkside, which were also in the american issues of the dark empire series.

Well neither of those are what I have unfournatly. The cover art for issue 1 is the same backround art as the american issue of dark empire issue 1 publsihed by dark horse. Also it is definalty not a marvel series as they have the dark horse logo and name on the bottom left corner of the cover.

  • I've got a few of these as well, I just call them Dark Horse Monthly. I think that they were created for the UK, seeing as they're in English and are prices in pounds. They probably are meant to sell comics in a cheaper format to a larger audience, mine says there one pound fifty, so that probably would equal two dollar fifty/three dollar, the price of a US comic.

I'm not sure how it's in the rest of Europe, but here in the Netherlands, we've only got a few comics that have been translated (marvel star wars, clone wars, movie adaptations and Shadows of the Empire) and they all are in different formats, although none are in this big magazine style. So out here you're pretty much restricted to collecting the US or UK versions. I think they have the same kind of collection style in Germany as I've seen some of those on ebay, but I'm not sure about their size. Hope this helps you out. $Michiel$ 19:16, 16 May 2008 (UTC)

Intresting and yes that does help. Ok now to find out how many issues there are and where to get them.

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