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IM not real sure hwo hard this would be but something like a galaxy map would be really really helpful on the planets page or on the sectors like outer rim deep core etc. Think that could be a possibility on here or know where i could find one?

  • We are only supposed to use official maps on this wiki, and those maps have about a hundred planets at most, but check out [[1]]. Nav Computer is the best galaxy map I've seen and I spotted use of it in the Hutt Space article. It would be great if we made more use of this but I don't know if it is allowed.
  • there was a MUCH ibgger discussion about all this maybe one to two months ago in the senate hall. Please scroll down and look to see and add your comments there, if you feel a need to unearth the debate. BothanElite 23:19, 8 October 2006 (UTC)

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