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The history of the Infinite Empire as it is presented quite simply does not jive.

1) According to the site, as taken from the New Essential Chronology, Coruscant was a part of the Infinite Empire, yet at the same time as the Rakatans occupy the planet, humans are arriving via sleeper ships on planets like Alsakan and Argai. Why in the heck would Rakatans, notorious slave-owners, allow one of their slave species to build colony ships and strike off to seed extra-imperial worlds? There’s no accounting for the kind of logic behind that. Admittedly, due to its distance from the Core, Argai’s sleeper ship could have been very, very old, predating the Infinite Empire’s conquest, but Alsakan’s colonization is a concrete argument.

2) 200 years seems like a ridiculously short amount of time for the power vacuum caused by the Empire’s dissolution to result in an organized galactic government. You’re telling me in 200 years humans go from being a completely subjugated species on Coruscant and Corellia to spearheading a civilized, organized galaxy-spanning society? No way, it’s just unrealistic. When you take into account human history on the single planet earth, it’s simply impossible for humans to coalesce in such a way so fast-- let alone for multiple planets to do so. Politically it makes no sense, logistically it makes no sense.

3) I find it highly unlikely that a civilization capable of completely covering an entire planet with cityscape by 95,000 BBY was unable to historically document the existence of a galactic entity like the occupying Rakatan Empire.

4) That Adas and his primitive Sith kingdom was able to drive off the Rakatans, at the height of their power, from Korriban without further action by them is spurious. I propose that much earlier than 25,200 BBY the Empire was torn apart by slave uprisings and civil war. The de facto dissolution of the empire occurred much earlier than 25,200 (possibly with the withdraw of the the Rakatans to Rakata Prime), while the de jure collapse only occurred eventually (in 25,200) due to the plague itself. It solves multiple problems with one stroke if we conclude that the Rakatans were already dealing with civil war and slave revolts at the time of Adas, and therefore when they were rebuffed the first time decided to withdraw to take care of more serious problems.

I also propose that Coruscant was not conquered by the Rakatans, but due to its proximity to Duro, it is safe to say Corellia was. I’d also say they first encountered humans on Corellia, and therefore humans most likely were building sleeper ships prior to the rise of the Empire (and started again after its pre-25,2000 fall, as is evidenced by the fact that Alsakan is a Core World, yet wasn’t colonized until 26,000).

You know, this may contradict what the New Essential Chronology says, but if what the New Chronology says simply doesn’t make sense, why use it? I'm not Dan Wallace, I don't get payed to do this, but non-contradictory amateur touchups on contradictory professional history are, to me, the more preferable option.

Funyun 16:11, 3 August 2006 (UTC)Funyun

  • Funyun, first, you should log in and sign your posts with four of these (~) like most other users. Second, unfortunate as it could be, we have to go with what Dan Wallace says in the The New Essential Chronology unless another source supersedes it. At Wookieepedia, we do not allow any "non-contradictory amateur touchups" or the whole site would go to heck. While your timeline makes decent sense, without a source, it has to be classifed as fanon. Atarumaster88 15:12, 3 August 2006 (UTC)
    • Indeed, I understand the canon/fanon rule, and it makes sense. However, I believe there are still glaring errors in the history as presented, and I feel 1 and 3 are important points that should at least be addressed on the proper pages. It's not fanon to bring up the fact that if a heavily populated and reasonably advanced planet like Coruscant was conquered by the Rakatans, there should logically be some kind of memory of them. "Canon" would ad hoc dictate there is an previously unheard-of reason for this discrepancy. Personally, I find there to be no reasonable explanation, but I'm not on the Lucasfilm payroll, so it doesn't matter. I concede Points 2 and 4 are more subjective objections, but points 1 and 3 are objective contradictions that need to be brought up (though not answered) in the pages.Funyun 16:10, 3 August 2006 (UTC)Funyun
      • Could be worth a mention on a "Behind the Scenes" or other similar section on 1 and 3. On 2, hey, America went from a bunch of backwoods colonies to the reigning superpower of the world in 215 years (formation to collapse of USSR). Republic could have been formed out of colonies united to resist Rakatans- merely theory though. On 4, well, they ARE the Sith. It makes sense that they would take advantage of the civil war/plague. Well, I'm not the best expert on this time period, so I'll leave it at that for now. Where does it say there is no record of Rakatan occupation? Atarumaster88 17:00, 3 August 2006 (UTC)
        • None of these seem to be contradictions as much as plot-holes. And with as little info as we have been given on the infinite empire, I'd say plot holes should be expected. Lonnyd 20:19, 3 August 2006 (UTC)

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