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I've recently tried to add a thought about Vergere, in the "Behind the scene" part, trying to explain the nature of the character. I added my lines once, and they were deleted. So, I added them again, and there were deleted again. There is nothing in what I wrote which doesn't respect the rules of the Wookieepedia. As it is a reflexion, there's not point to talk about canon or uncanon sources. I am totally sure that my paragraph has been deleted by one of the managers of this website.

I must say that I'm very disappointed by this kind of pitiful behavior.

Here is my text : Then, what is really Vergere, of what is she an allegory ? Actually, she is surely the most representative character of the whole Expanded Universe, as she is far from the apparent manicheism belonging to StarWars, which is the main aim of the whole novel serie, but also of some video games, such as Knights of the old Republic. She clearly shows that the so-called dark side is no more than an autopersuasive effect of the mind not to deride one's own ethic. However, she explains that a Jedi ought to know his own dark side, both for a better control and for a better identification. As it was a trick of ancient Dark Lords to appeal Jedi to their dark side, such as hypertrophied envy or selfishness, Jacen did not want to follow Vergere, and most of the readers have to wonder what mysteries Vergere hides. She is indeed an unorthodox teacher, but at the same time the most honnest and the most perspicacious among her contemporaries. Actually, Vergere is the way for the NJO to redefine for the reader the terms of evil and good, displaying a far more complex reality, that is why she is maybe the best character of the saga too. There is a similar character in the video game Knights of the old Republic, who is called Kreia. She is an experienced and an effective teacher for the main character, explaining tough truthes, and the choices of a balanced life. She felt into her dark side, because she found her complaisance in this tough point of view of life, which drove Kreia to be Dark Traya, having forgotten that the light side implies sacrifices sometimes. Regarding the philosophy of Vergere, everything she says is lie, because she thinks that anyone has to find his own Truth, even the Jedi and even Jacen Solo.


A.Ce Unsigned comment by Amiralace (talk • contribs).

  • This was deleted since it's not information about a character. It's merely a spiel that would be better suited to a message board community. QuentinGeorge 09:44, 19 June 2006 (UTC)
    • In other words, don't always assume and speculate. It does not always work. MyNz - Zainal 09:50, 19 June 2006 (UTC)
      • There's a few problems with what you wrote. First of all, it's not written in an encyclopedic fashion. You make assertations and state opinions that can't be supported by canon sources and run counter to Wookieepedia's NPOV policy. Not that I don't like or even agree with what you were talking about- Vergere has a very unique philosophy and it should definitely be included and analyzed in her article. But the place to do it is in a "Philospophy" section perhaps, not in "Behind the scenes", and it should be done in a more fact-oriented manner, that's all. Wookieepedia is free only as long as is users contribute within its stated parameters and adhere to its guidelines of content and style. --Thetoastman 04:53, 20 June 2006 (UTC)

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