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I was thinking, there are resources here like the image gallery of lightsaber hilts, and there are sites such as devoted to such things, but I think there should be a page devoted to more than what the general page on lightsabers explains... Character-specific information, such as the different sabers each has had or used, when they made then, when they were destroyed, how they were designed and created (if from the films), and other information not covered in the character's pages or the main lightsaber page. Any interest?

  • The different sabers of characters should be duscussed on the pages of those characters. As for things like contruction, I guess it would be reasonable to separate them into their own pages, since Lightsaber is the 27th longest article on Wookieepedia. --Thetoastman 03:31, 18 June 2006 (UTC)

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